Our prayers are with the blast victims

    A prayer for all who’ve lost near and dear ones. Their loss can never be compensated, not by money, words or revenge    

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A day Inside Mumbai Diamond Market – Video

Who doesn’t love videos? Youtube is one of my favourite website. Recently I got hold of cousin’s JVC Camcorder for a week. I left camera at different corners of the market for hours to let it capture raw video. A raw video over two day period is crunched into less then 3 minutes. Have fun!

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Make your company World Famous inside whole Dombivali

Title is just a joke but here’s a trick which can allow you to  display global presence and show that you care about customers.  Chances are – you are already using this Magic-thing called Skype. What is Skype? How is Skype used? How to start using Skype? I do not need to answer any of […]

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Who Moved My Market

Operation: Move to New location Present location: Opera House New location: BKC Challenge: Old Memories People in market knew about new Diamond market at Bandra Kurla Complex since ages. Project started 20 years back, went through delays for unknown reasons. However past is past and heres a new day and a new location of the […]

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Chai Ho Jaye – Mumbai Diamond Market

Milan tea house     Milan tea stall is at the entrance of the diamond market. Also try Ukala, hot milk drink. Near Flox chamber This tea stall does not have the name. Small but very busy place. Always surrounded by 100s of people getting their dose of tea. He supplies tea to most of […]

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Presence of Women in Indian Diamond Industry

For Indian Women – Diamond Markets which earlier was not considered a career option is now being considered as a important career option along with other careers. Diamond Jewelry industry too has seen an increase in number of women/girls playing important role.     Working in Jewelry Most of the jobs taken by girls are […]

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5 best place to eat near Mumbai Diamond Market

Panchratna Jalebi House Located in diamond market. Just ask anyone in market and he/she will point you to this place. Amazing Jalebi, fafda and Kachori. It is one of the best snacks place I have come across in my life. Shiv Sagar Hotel & Karmas less then 5 minutes walking distance from Mumbai Diamond market […]

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How to reach Mumbai Diamond Market

Train – Western line Trains run between Churchgate & Borivali/Virar. Stop to get down Charni Road. Train – Central line Reach Dadar, change to western line Train. Get Down at Charni Road. or Go up to Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus. Take Taxi/cab to Charni Road. Train – Harbour line Reach Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus. Take taxi to […]

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A typical working day – Mumbai Diamond market

Do you have 30 seconds? Read further to know how is a typical day in Mumbai Diamond market. Reach diamond market half an hour early. Get in touch with your network. Office hour’s start at 10 am follows by tea break, lunch evening tea. Stock tally at 6 pm. Close of day at 8 PM. […]

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Different types of business in Indian Diamond Market

Polish diamond Trading In diamond trading trader buy the diamond form manufacture and then sell in market or to customers. Dalali (Broker) Dalal is the middle man who fulfills the demand of the costumer or the manufacture who is looking for loose diamonds for his inventory/stock. Aaddat[pronounced as AA-dut] Aadat acts like middle man, finds […]

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