Interview with Mr Nishank Parikh

When you talk to some person for few minutes – you get sense of where that person is going in life. When you talk to Nishank Parikh – all you sense is working confidence and humility. Lets hear more from him: Nishankbhai, How did you start your career in diamond industry? I started working in […]

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Interview with Kalpeshbhai Goradia

When you find someone inspiring you knowingly or unknowingly learn something good from that person. Things you learn becomes your greatest assets because everything you do to update your knowledge allows you to grow from where you are today to where you want to go. Now let’s add some more value in to above thought. […]

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Interview with Sanjaybhai Dave

Indian Diamond Industry is a leading manufacturing base in the whole world.  It has almost all important elements of Supply Chain. However still the big proportion of consumer base is outside India. Let’s meet SanjayBhai Dave who says since 2008 Indian Diamond industry has seen lot of support from Indian Domestic consumers and there is […]

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Interview of Rajeshbhai Gopalji

Bhavnagar has history of rising from a normal king’s town to an important center of maritime trade. In late 19th century, under name of Bhavnagar State Railway, it was first state in India to build its railway on its own. An Englishman once described Bhavnagar state as follows: “With flourishing finances and much good work […]

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Interview of Hasmukbhai Shah

In Business, world we hardly hear people talking about Unity. A group of people can be more more productive and can get more satisfaction in work they do if they are united and have some formal understanding and protocols.  Lets meet Hasmukhbhai Shah, who believes that our market needs some level of standard procedures and […]

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Interview with Kirtibhai Doshi

The History proves that the people of Indian Diamond market are very hard working, enterprising, and very resourceful. Indian Diamond market  professionals do not wait for an opportunity, rather creates one and makes success for it. They are smart with their money and their policy is to include others in their growth story. Lets meet […]

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Interview with Amitbhai Nayak

Wise person tends to be grounded, experientially aware, in-sync with the present time, and connected with the world. They are completely authentic, not trying to be someone else or prove anything. Lets meet one such member of Indian Diamond market, Amitbhai Nayak. Amitbhai has been part of Indian Diamond market for last 21 years. How […]

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Interview with Mr. Pranav Shah

Trustworthy behavior is something you cannot fake without the beliefs and values behind them. Pranav Shah, our guest today, says that in dealing with people in business trust but first verify. How did you start yours career in diamond industry? 5 years back I started working with my cousin who was already part of Indian […]

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Interview with Mr. Nilesh Pathak

How was 2008 slowdown for you? Not good, rite? So many job cuts, inventory cut. For a change we have found a guest who is talking positive aspect of 2008 economic meltdown. Every coin has two side. Meet Nilesh Pathak who thinks 2008 slowdown brought lot of changes in the way we work in Indian […]

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Interview with Kaushalbhai Patel

Surat can be called manufacturing hub for Diamonds because over 35 DTC Siteholders are members of Surat Industry. Every site holder has office and factory in Surat. In last 40 years Surat has achieved unbelievable Industrial success. Our guest Kaushalbhai Patel likes Surat and asks jokingly that “how about moving whole Mumbai market to Surat?“. […]

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