5 similarities between stock Market and Diamond Markets

Intraday It’s same like stock market when you buy a stock and sell it in market hour that we call as Intraday trading in stock market. Same here in diamond market if we are buying a diamond and then selling with profit to some other buyer you make a profit. In stock market we get […]

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Is there Diamond market in small villages?

Today you will find lot of small towns & villages in Gujarat which have 100s of Diamond factories and many people working hard and earning their livelihood. Kambhat, near Ahmedabad is one such example. In this most of work is done of color stone re-cutting and diamond cutting also. In Bhavnagar, Bharuch, Narmada, Navsari and […]

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How to reach Mumbai Diamond Market

Train – Western line Trains run between Churchgate & Borivali/Virar. Stop to get down Charni Road. Train – Central line Reach Dadar, change to western line Train. Get Down at Charni Road. or Go up to Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus. Take Taxi/cab to Charni Road. Train – Harbour line Reach Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus. Take taxi to […]

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How to hire people in Indian Diamond market?

With all dew respect – I am not trying to claim that I know all, but on basis of kind of people I have seen doing well in Indian Diamond market, here’s my observation. Diamond Market with growing business and expansions are always looking for honest & hardworking people, to join team. While selecting candidates […]

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How profits are made in Indian Diamond market ?

Diamond Industry is full of winners and loosers. People who do right thing at correct time make lot of profits. There are companies who are struggling to survive and there are companies which make profit like a flowing river. Some of the ways people make money in markets are: Rough Adat Bringing a seller & […]

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How to start career in Indian Diamond market?

Diamond market in India is full of opportunities. Diamond industry is growing in to multi-billion dollar industry and India is becoming stronger in its presence with every single day. Some of the common way people enter and start career in market are below: Basic knowledge of diamond One can join Diamond Assorting classes located in […]

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Different types of job roles in Indian diamond market.

Indian Diamond industry is full of enterprising and dynamic people. Job roles are created and eliminated depending upon market condition. Some of the popular and common jobs done by major junta are following: Diamond assortment This job involves sorting diamonds as per price and grading from a mix lot of raw diamonds. Also includes sorting […]

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Different types of business in Indian Diamond Market

Polish diamond Trading In diamond trading trader buy the diamond form manufacture and then sell in market or to customers. Dalali (Broker) Dalal is the middle man who fulfills the demand of the costumer or the manufacture who is looking for loose diamonds for his inventory/stock. Aaddat[pronounced as AA-dut] Aadat acts like middle man, finds […]

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Some histroy of diamond cutting industry in Gujarat.

Since 100s of years – Surat (Gujarat) is in to diamond cutting & diamond polishing business. Some of the other cities in Gujarat where Diamond cutting industry has grow are – Bhavnagar, Navasari, Ahmedabad. Due to large population of low cost & hard working work force, surat has rapidly turned in to one of the […]

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Surat – biggest diamond hub in the world!

Since many years Indian diamond market has become one of the leading player in global diamond industry. Surat is largest diamond manufacturing hub in world. INDIA is Excellent in manufacturing small diamond’s in world. South Africa is precisely the country that majority people would associate with the diamond industry. But business centers in the other […]

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