Free Ebook for Indian Diamond Industry

In Recent months many people from Diamond Market has approached me to understand how to use Internet to grow business or increase branding. Three years back, not many people in Diamond market had facebook account. Many said that facebook is for college kids and not for business people. Things have changed today. In my Facebook […]

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Breaking News: 90% of Diamond Assorters will be Jobless by 2015 is first website to disclose this Breaking News. No newspaper or News channel wants to talk about it. By 2015, 9 out of 10 Diamond Assorters from Mumbai , Surat and all other cities of India will loose their Job. After 10 years of Research experiments and spending 50 million dollars inside hi-tech laboratories […]

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This month became 18 months old. I have some personal updates for all well-wishers. So far, I was working full time for one leading Diamond Trading company in Opera House. was side project. Through, I have come across many Enterprising people in Diamond market. I have got chance to know and talk […]

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My new website –

This post is going to be long. But its worth it! Better get a cup of tea before you start reading. is community platform for Businesses inside Indian Diamond Industry. However everyday lot of people, not from Diamond Market, reach through search engine. Looking at search terms (you can keep track what people […]

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Similarity between Google, Coconut tree and

Indian Diamond Industry Startup

DiamondBhai was started in sep 2010. Its roughly 18 months old now. Every now and then, I meet people who will ask me below questions: People: “Is DiamondBhai making money for you?” Me: “No it’s not!” People: “How will it make money in future?” Me: “really not sure about that” People: “In that case, why […]

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Scheduled Downtime Notification

We moving. Present server lot money. New server less money. Present server less features. New server more features. I technical No. Friend helping. If move easy – website up in 2 hours. If wrong take more time. Next 3-4 days, fail message – assume I and friend work. Available facebook/twitter/email/cell Be happy. Don’t worry. […]

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Happy Birthday

Today is DiamondBhai’s 1st birthday. This is a happy occasion. Thank you to all friends and associates who believed in project. was founded to give members of Indian Diamond and Jewelry¬† market tools to engage and help the world around them. I am glad and humbled that so many people have started using DiamondBhai […]

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Best Video you will see today:

3 quick things about below video 1) is Serious business 2) below video will be best video you will see today 3) we had lot of fun making it We made a video which was just minute long. While we were making main video, my iPhone captured all the fun we were having. I […]

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Launching : Free 90-Day Trial is here! Post your product details to get found by more prospects and convert more of them into paying customers with Your Free Trial of – Gives you complete access to – Certified, Non-Certified, Services, Tools and Accessories – Post Ads of products you want to Buy or Sell – Search […]

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quick updates: jobs, calculator and market(coming soon)

1) was launched 2 weeks back and we are approaching companies to post their recruitment ad on the page. is new place and any new place takes some time before people get use to it. Our market is full of companies who do not mind to join new initiatives and act as a […]

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