Time Machine for sale. 20% Discount. Delivery in 2050

Our mind becomes receptive for things of our interest. Let me give you one example. Once you buy a Honda car – your mind becomes receptive for Hondas on the road. Every time a Honda passes in front of you, you knowingly or unknowingly think about it. Before you bought Honda you never paid attention […]

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Let’s make some Loss in business..What!?

I really want to talk about making Loss today. If you are thinking ‘Why Loss, always talk about making Profit instead?’, you have come to right place. We always find people talking about how to make more money or expand business or grow in career or how to get rich ..etc We rarely hear people […]

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I want all your Diwali Bonus back…

If you work for Diamond Polishing company or Diamond Jewelry company in India, you are on leave right now and probably you will read this only when you are back from holiday. Most of the employer in Indian Diamond market give bonus on Diwali. You worked hard for company for whole year and now its […]

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Do I really know why I bought this?

Few months back my cousin was getting married and family members were at jewelery store in Santacruz west, shopping for some wedding jewelry. This is our official jewelry store, most of the jewelry our family has bought comes from this store. This store owner showed 5 – 6 different necklace designs which family didn’t like […]

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Why you always keep loss making product?

Once in a while you listen to some concept and feel that you should have known this 10 years back. I was talking to my cousin brother and he told me something so cool that light bulb went on in my mind. Situation: Invested in two stocks/shares. company x and company y. Month later company […]

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How To Talk about your competition?

Competitor by definition is one selling or buying goods or service in the same market as another. Its very common to hear some diamond trader in market saying “we offer better rates/product than our competitors” Well be careful next time you use such statements. Never say never – never say “my competitors are not as […]

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Traditional Diamond Trading vs. OnDemand

Many of the Diamond Trading Companies in Indian markets – these days use Internet websites to do business. Some of the projects commonly used in markets are : Rapnet , IdexOnline , Polygon Benefits of these online services are a lot. Everyone has used them and knows the difference it can make to your business. […]

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Importance of Math and calculation in Diamond market

Being good in Math indicates you are confidence and being logical. You always know what to do when and why Many beginners arrive in market to make career in Diamond trading or Diamond Manufacturing and find that a big barrier to their progress is not the understanding of the economics or business concepts, but the mathematics […]

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Presence of Women in Indian Diamond Industry

For Indian Women – Diamond Markets which earlier was not considered a career option is now being considered as a important career option along with other careers. Diamond Jewelry industry too has seen an increase in number of women/girls playing important role.     Working in Jewelry Most of the jobs taken by girls are […]

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5 similarities between stock Market and Diamond Markets

Intraday It’s same like stock market when you buy a stock and sell it in market hour that we call as Intraday trading in stock market. Same here in diamond market if we are buying a diamond and then selling with profit to some other buyer you make a profit. In stock market we get […]

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