I don’t mind loosing 100s today if I lost 1000s yesterday.

Everyday we make 100s of decisions without completely understanding the kind of analysis that happens inside our mind. Things we choose are driven by the comparisons we make in our mind. If we have some price already in mind and then we are offered a different price – we do comparison and make decision. An […]

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Push my brand in middle of two ears

Statutory Warning: “This post will start with a complain about modern times compared to life 25 years back. It might remind you of your old grandparents. Post gets better eventually.” Lets rewind life in Mumbai or any city of India like Surat Ahmedabad, 25 years back. If you talk to people you will find that […]

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It’s OK to be a Fool but not a Greater Fool

I have a relative who will buy anything in stock market. Sometimes sound businesses and many times risky junk stocks. He gives me example of ‘raddiwala’. In Hindi or Gujarati we call junk as ‘raddi’. I am sure all the old newspapers and magazines from your house goes to some local raddiwala. Why do you […]

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How fast do you adopt new changes?

There is a theory named ‘Diffusion of Innovation‘ which explains how, why, and at what rate new ideas and technology spread through cultures. When any new product or service is introduced in real world – it is not accepted immediately by everyone. There are few people who adapt new things in life very quickly and […]

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Economic Bubble at Tea Stall near Pancharatna – Part 2

This is continuation of earlier blog “Economic Bubble at Tea Stall near Pancharatna – Part 1” If you have not read Part 1 – you will not get this post. Week later – there are rumors in market that scientist from Nasa did research on Tea masala and found it can be used in space […]

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Economic Bubble at Tea Stall near Pancharatna – Part 1

(Disclaimer: below post is only meant for light informational reading. Numbers and terms are over-simplified for same reason) Everyone has heard about bubble. In physics – bubble means a very thin film of soapy water that forms a sphere – usually last for only a few moments before bursting, either on their own or on […]

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Interview with Mr. Rajesh Mehta, Diamond Broker

How do you establish Credibility in Indian Diamond market ? Ensure to provide service or product in trustworthy and consistent manner. You need to convey that you will meet the expectations and that the quality of what you provide can be counted on. Let’s meet a young aspiring member of Indian Diamond market – Rajesh […]

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How to Identify a Ponzi Scheme – Part 2

This is continuation of earlier post “How to Identify Ponzi Scheme Part 1” In earlier post I gave you some basic outline of how Ponzi schemes are designed. Core of such fraud schemes are – (1) It give a very high rate of interest or reward – which excites people to take part in to […]

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How to Identify a Ponzi Scheme – Part 1

One of my cousin from Ahmedabad recently called me and spoke about an exciting investment opportunity he came across in his friend circle. Scheme sounded too good to be true. Deposit 1 lakh rupee and get 10% interest every month. Yes every month(not year) – 10 percent/month. It basically means in 10 months I get […]

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I Already made some Loss – so now I choose to make some more

As title says – human nature has strange way of dealing with profits and loss. We have many hidden tendency which make us do stupid things in life, specially in dealing with Loss making situation. Here’s one of the many which doesn’t help in long run. Below are the list of examples – I am […]

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