Sure way to stay Poor for rest of your life.

Taking yourself back by 10- 12 years, when you were a student and see if you did something similar to what I did. We knew that towards end of the academic year there are exams. We use to get exam timetable at-least month in advance. Even after knowing exam dates well in advance – I […]

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Why is Rupee Falling against US Dollar ? (video in Gujarati)

Few months back we wrote an article with title Why does exchange rate keeps changing?  This post becomes more relevant today as Dollar rate is rising almost everyday. Last night I created a 9 minutes long video which explains following: 1) Why does Exchange rate keeps changing? 2) Why is dollar becoming more and more […]

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India, Print Money and Be Happy. Not really

There are so many basic but crucial things about daily economics which we ignore or know it partially. Had a Diwali get together and one of the cousin asked – “Why can’t Indian goverment print money and give it to all poor people” And then everyone started responding: 1) it is limited by how much […]

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Is your salary more then your wife’s sister’s husband?

One respected Business leader once said that people are more likely to be satisfied with their salary if they earn more then their wife’s sister’s husband.(in Gujarati wife’s sister’s husband is know as Sadu-Bhai) Let me share one similar situation of a person who started working in Mumbai Diamond Market 3 years back. As a […]

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Why my NRI cousin not buying car in India?

This weekend my cousin brother, who has lived for several years in US, moved back to Mumbai for good. I asked him ‘What Car are you planning to buy?’ He replied ‘None!’ After talking further here’s what he explained me. A person who has lived for a few years abroad is tuned to spending and […]

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How Business smart are you?

Remember that horrifying Swine Flu or H1N1 crisis. Anywhere you go people were wearing mask on their face. Our news media which has to run 24 hours a day of news supply, were completely on top of situation. News TV Channels and News Paper were talking about one thing – ‘H1 N1 is here and […]

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3 Tips from Champion Customer Representative

Last week I called a Customer Service of one company. They took couple of minutes and solved my problem. The call was full of ‘Thanks’ and ‘apology’ and lot of other formal words. I started wondering how can a company who hires thousands of employees to talk to customers (many of them are angry customers), […]

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Test your Business Decision Making in 2 minutes

In past weeks we have posted interesting articles on how we look at same money differently. If you have not read below 2 articles, spend 5 minutes they are worth reading it. These articles show how our mind unknowingly influences our decision process. Why Rs 100 is not same Rs. 100? In this post our […]

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Every Enterpreneur Should know Rule of 72

Below Guest post is written by Hemant Thaker. Hemant is a business owner in Mumbai Diamond market. His company ‘AllYours‘ is one of the fastest growing partner for buying diamonds & Jewelry. AllYours has a website to enable customer-friendly style of diamond and Jewelry buying. You can also visit AllYours on facebook Some of […]

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