Interview with Amitbhai Nayak

Wise person tends to be grounded, experientially aware, in-sync with the present time, and connected with the world. They are completely authentic, not trying to be someone else or prove anything. Lets meet one such member of Indian Diamond market, Amitbhai Nayak. Amitbhai has been part of Indian Diamond market for last 21 years. How […]

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Interview with Mr. Pranav Shah

Trustworthy behavior is something you cannot fake without the beliefs and values behind them. Pranav Shah, our guest today, says that in dealing with people in business trust but first verify. How did you start yours career in diamond industry? 5 years back I started working with my cousin who was already part of Indian […]

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How to get best out of ?

If this is not your first time on, you already know that on I post Interviews and informative posts. I interview people who work in Indian Diamond market at different roles and positions. Informative posts are on ideas inspired from some business leaders, economists and wise people. If you have not read “About” […]

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Interview with Mr. Nilesh Pathak

How was 2008 slowdown for you? Not good, rite? So many job cuts, inventory cut. For a change we have found a guest who is talking positive aspect of 2008 economic meltdown. Every coin has two side. Meet Nilesh Pathak who thinks 2008 slowdown brought lot of changes in the way we work in Indian […]

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I don’t mind loosing 100s today if I lost 1000s yesterday.

Everyday we make 100s of decisions without completely understanding the kind of analysis that happens inside our mind. Things we choose are driven by the comparisons we make in our mind. If we have some price already in mind and then we are offered a different price – we do comparison and make decision. An […]

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Push my brand in middle of two ears

Statutory Warning: “This post will start with a complain about modern times compared to life 25 years back. It might remind you of your old grandparents. Post gets better eventually.” Lets rewind life in Mumbai or any city of India like Surat Ahmedabad, 25 years back. If you talk to people you will find that […]

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Keeping cool in crowded Churchgate Borivali Train

One of my teacher once told me “last punch in boxing which knocks out the competitor – is the most important and best punch in the game“ What my teacher was trying to say is that we do lot of task with enthusiasm and towards the end we take it easy. Best approach is – […]

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It’s OK to be a Fool but not a Greater Fool

I have a relative who will buy anything in stock market. Sometimes sound businesses and many times risky junk stocks. He gives me example of ‘raddiwala’. In Hindi or Gujarati we call junk as ‘raddi’. I am sure all the old newspapers and magazines from your house goes to some local raddiwala. Why do you […]

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It’s been already 3 months we started and it looks like yesterday. To summarise what really happened at this blog in last 3 months. In all we have total 42 posts/articles. 9 – are Interview posts 33 – are General knowledge sharing posts. Let me take this opportunity to once again Thank first 9 […]

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How fast do you adopt new changes?

There is a theory named ‘Diffusion of Innovation‘ which explains how, why, and at what rate new ideas and technology spread through cultures. When any new product or service is introduced in real world – it is not accepted immediately by everyone. There are few people who adapt new things in life very quickly and […]

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