You are Short Seller – let me prove it!

Met a friend and we started talking about shorting in stock market. His first expression was – never Sell Short. It is risky and difficult to understand. I told him that we sell short almost everything, almost everyday. You are already living a career which is in to Short Selling and you don’t even know […]

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90% of Market creates Opportunity for remaining 10%

When I started stock trading few years back, I always thought to be successful in stock trading – I should keep trading. When I was right – I made money, I was happy, I traded more. When I was wrong, I always thought may be very next day I will get lucky and price will […]

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Interview of Rajeshbhai Gopalji

Bhavnagar has history of rising from a normal king’s town to an important center of maritime trade. In late 19th century, under name of Bhavnagar State Railway, it was first state in India to build its railway on its own. An Englishman once described Bhavnagar state as follows: “With flourishing finances and much good work […]

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Why Rs. 100 is not same as Rs. 100 ?

One more post, one more thought on how our mind works. Here’s my plan – I want to write interesting thoughts/ideas on how we make decision and how we can improve it. The purpose of all such posts where I give an example or a situation about buying or selling, is to become well informed. […]

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Interview of Hasmukbhai Shah

In Business, world we hardly hear people talking about Unity. A group of people can be more more productive and can get more satisfaction in work they do if they are united and have some formal understanding and protocols.  Lets meet Hasmukhbhai Shah, who believes that our market needs some level of standard procedures and […]

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Here’s one Money Mistake we all make

A person I know bought a new Car last year worth 6 lakhs. At car showroom, salesman got him really excited about new car. While signing the papers, salesman asked him if he wants to buy a cool accessory. A Car video (LCD screen) with wireless IR Infrared transmitter. This was priced only for Rs […]

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5 Reasons why your Business Website Fails

Apologies for blunt language but this topic needs attention. I see many small and medium business in Indian Diamond market operating their company websites. Theses businesses spend their hard earned money in developing website without paying attention to what works on internet. A person you meet in real world, behaves differently once he or she […]

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Inflation explained for the last time

Let me sound bit rude for a moment. Everyone is talking about inflation but no one really knows it’s meaning or what causes it. Most of the people when asked about inflation will tell you – “Onion prices are up, sugar is more expensive, prices of food have gone up. This is inflation” If this […]

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Interview with Kirtibhai Doshi

The History proves that the people of Indian Diamond market are very hard working, enterprising, and very resourceful. Indian Diamond market  professionals do not wait for an opportunity, rather creates one and makes success for it. They are smart with their money and their policy is to include others in their growth story. Lets meet […]

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Why does exchange rate keeps changing?

I know one man who bought disposable face masks in lots of 1000s when Swine Flu news broke on News channel. He bought and stored boxes of masks in his house. Month later everyone on street was wearing masks, thanks to Indian news channel, they reported 24 hours about flu and made it sound more […]

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