DiamondBhai.com launching New SMS Service soon

DiamondBhai.com is working on a new service for Indian Diamond Industry. This service will use SMS on mobile network. Our Idea is dead simple – even a kid would understand it. However one thing which will make this service a powerful element of our market is ‘Community Effect’ If you want to help me by […]

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Interview with Gaurav Shah

Loan defaulting and cheating inside Diamond Market is a big concern – it impacts and changes the way people trust and do business with each other. Our guest today, Gaurav Shah is asking for people inside market to come together and expose anyone who for selfish reason cheats or defaults on the loan. Gauravbhai, How […]

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A day Inside Mumbai Diamond Market – Video

Who doesn’t love videos? Youtube is one of my favourite website. Recently I got hold of cousin’s JVC Camcorder for a week. I left camera at different corners of the market for hours to let it capture raw video. A raw video over two day period is crunched into less then 3 minutes. Have fun!

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Friday Photo – Find World Class Cars here

Mumbai Diamond Market parking is best place to check out world class Cars. Prasad Chamber’s parking lot. Car’s worth 3 lakhs to 3 cores are parked here.

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Interview with Pranavbhai Parikh

Internet enalbles search – Allowing customers to locate products, suppliers and prices. It can help businesses to generate profits in new ways by adding extra value to existing products and services. Let’s meet Pranav Parekh who believes Internet is shaping future of Indian Diamond market. Pranavbhai, Please tell us about your journey in Diamond Industry […]

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Friday Photo – The Mumbai Merchant Diamond Association.

The Only one Diamond Association in India Established in 1906 to serve Indian diamond trade and industry, Mumbai Diamond Merchants Association Has completed with 104 glorious years of service to this sparkling diamond trade and diamond industry at its credit. Navinchandra D. Mehta (Director D. Navinchandra Exports Pvt. Ltd.) the present President of this vintage […]

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Interview with Harshit Shah

It takes courage and determination to walk out of a stable job and start a business of your own. Our diamond market is full of such stories where a regular guy leaves his job to start is company and in few years turns out to be best shape of his career. We are talking today […]

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Friday Photo – Diamond’s On Street

After market hour and before market start’s in morning, which is the busy place and you cannot easily walk through the lane. Filled with diamond traders and diamond brokers. Some people in diamond market are searching for diamond on street. These people wipe the whole lane collect the sand & with the help of water they separate […]

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How keeping mouth shut will help you succeed!

Recently research was done with two groups of college students. Both the groups were given a tough puzzle to solve. Maximum time to solve puzzle was 20 minutes. First group was told that they can talk to everyone in class room about how they plan to solve the puzzle. Second group was told to keep […]

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Why my NRI cousin not buying car in India?

This weekend my cousin brother, who has lived for several years in US, moved back to Mumbai for good. I asked him ‘What Car are you planning to buy?’ He replied ‘None!’ After talking further here’s what he explained me. A person who has lived for a few years abroad is tuned to spending and […]

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