Chetan Parmar - Founder of DiamondBhai.com

Chetan Parmar - Founder of DiamondBhai.com

I am Chetan Parmar, founder of DiamondBhai.com . I am dedicating this website to all aspiring Skilled members of Diamond Industry. I have been part of Mumbai Diamond Industry since 2005.
On DiamondBhai.com you can:
– Read Interviews of People from Indian Diamond Market
– use Market section to list your products and services
– use Jobs section to search Job
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How to Contact me?
– Call me on +91-98696 63539
– Email me on chetan@DiamondBhai.com
– Fill the Contact form at bottom of this page

Nine Frequently Asked Questions

1) Why did you choose name DiamondBhai.com ?
Easy to remember; Sounds viral; ‘bhai’ word gives Indian(rather Gujarati) touch.

2) What is present on DiamondBhai.com ?

all about Diamond markets in India; casual market stuff from Mumbai, Surat and many such cities of India;

3) What is your Goal with DiamondBhai.com ?

I want to interview/talk to atleast 10,000 people from our market, working at all levels (chaiwala, assorter, trader, entrepreneur, marketing professional, Director, owner etc) and publish it on DiamondBhai.com . I always wanted to find out from others about their struggle and ambitions. I am sure there are many like me in market who would love to read and learn from other’s life.

4) Is DiamondBhai.com a fulltime project?
No! Its a self-funded, single-person, side project. I try to spend 15 – 30 45 – 60  minutes everyday on this website. (Updated on 27th-Nov-2010: – starting 1st Nov 2010 – I have teamed up with someone who freelances/works on the text of blog post and makes it more reader friendly)

5) Do you think you will succeed in your Goal with DiamondBhai.com ?
I really don’t know & don’t care!
I am enjoying what I am doing; Personally I always wanted to read casual stuff about local Indian Diamond market, I didn’t find any website so I started this.

6 ) Can we post/publish a Guest blog entry on your website? Is it free?
Yes! Please! Feel free to use DiamondBhai.com as a community portal. If you ever had something in mind which you wanted to share; could be informative, casual, rocket-science or anything related to diamond market – let me know. Just give me a call.
Nothing is free in life! If you write a guest blog – you will need to buy me a cup of tea and fafda-jalebi outside Panchanratna building.

7 ) How to keep in touch with DiamondBhai.com ?
If you use facebook then Hit below LIKE button

8 ) How to get original content on Indian Diamond Industry inside Email Inbox ?
Please subscribe your email on this blog.

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