Interview with Mr Harsh Shah – Founder

How did you start yours career in diamond market?

Firstly, I born and bought up in Mumbai in diamond merchant’s family. So the question about choosing career for me was simple. Secondly starting up with diamond business wasn’t easy for me. I have invested my 18 month in learning about business. I recall, 21st May 2014 was the day I went to Surat for educating myself about diamond planning, cutting & grading process. Next eighteen months in Surat has transformed me in many aspects. Recently, I started blogging about diamond education & engagement ring guides to help peoples on web. Right now, I work as agent at Bharat Diamond Bourse, BKC and help foreign buyers to connect with right sellers.
Whom do you consider mentor in diamond market?

I have couple of people whom do I respect for reasons.

Mr. Samarth Shah of Di-aN-Are Exports – He is good at taking hard and fast decision.

Mr. Pakshal Sanghvi of Maruti Gems – He knows how to manage people at work.

Another person to whom I actually consider as “mentor” is my father Mr. Mahendra Shah. He is the reason behind everything I am today.

If you were not in diamond market which profession you would have choose?

If not diamond, I would surely in Internet marketing, SEO, SMO and graphic designing with my partner Mr. Abhishek Vohera. Before I entered in diamond market I used to run android niche blog which is listed under “Top 10 best android site in India”. I have even designing Logos for many foreign enterprise and few for Indian government too. Today, I always feel pride to blog about diamonds at and educate people on basic things like “how to tell if a diamond is real or fake”. I have spend my 3 years in learning and experimenting SEO and Email marketing which ultimately help me rank my website on top of the Google.

Tell us about your experience in slow down now in market?

I entered in crashing market, which usually was hard idea to think on. Although, current market situation have good swing. Slow down in market always help to keep control on diamond pricing, demand & supply. Actually I haven’t much affected with “red” market, but I have seen some good names going bankrupt. Many huge cutting down their production and staff too. But I always believe after every recession there is bull market.

If you get to change one thing in diamond market what would you change?

To be precise, one thing I will always love to see in diamond market is
– use of “NEW” technology. For me change is constant, I won’t use word “change” instead I say “adopt”. Experiment new technology to enhance your customer service or to optimize efficiency in work. I can see the future of virtual reality in diamond trading. VR is the next big thing to diamond market. After website and apps, company should invest in virtual reality. I would say adopt VR now to stay one step ahead of your competitors.

Can you share good or not so good things you have seen in diamond market in last few years?

From last couple of month’s movement of CVD Synthetic diamonds increase which threatens whole market. To help diamond buyers, I have written blog post to indentify CVD Synthetic diamond which gone viral on social media. Talking about “good thing” Diamond industry as whole community stands again such market threats like man-made diamonds, CVD’s etc. Recently Bharat Diamond Bourse banned synthetic CVD diamond trading and made historic movement.

What changes you can see in coming few years in diamond market?

I have read few articles on web about diamond mines in India. Mining giants from world researching in India for huge sources of diamonds. If it’s a true story, we can see huge price movement in raw diamond. The coming few years for diamond industry is full of surprises, up and downs. Another change I can see in near future is introduction of VR in industry as I said before.

Can you share what was yours toughest decision till today?

Toughest decision for me was leaving behind my family and friends in Mumbai and moving alone to Surat, Gujarat for 2 years. Surat is the India’s main hub for diamond manufacturing, hence I decided to move and learn diamond cutting and manufacturing.

If all diamond company are listed at stock market which company you would have invested?

I would invest in Rosy Blue, James Allen, Tiffany & Co and DeBeers. James Allen is my personal favorite company, as its B2C online platform has number of feature like Diamond 360 viewing technology etc, which includes best information about any diamond than any other online diamond retailer.

What is yours favorite pass time when you have free time?

I like to keep myself busy and engage in some or the other activity, In my spare time I love to write about diamonds and technology on my blogs. Even I like to read books sometime. Right now I’m reading a book called “How to win friends and influence people” by Dale Carnegie, which I highly recommend to all.

What advice would you like to give to readers?

Might markets go down, or swings up don’t be panic or lose hope because every new morning has something great and you will never know what’s gonna be in next moment. Just make sure the efforts you put everyday should be more than previous day. Stay Happy, Stay Blessed.

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