Sure way to stay Poor for rest of your life.

Taking yourself back by 10- 12 years, when you were a student and see if you did something similar to what I did. We knew that towards end of the academic year there are exams. We use to get exam timetable at-least month in advance. Even after knowing exam dates well in advance – I would delay preparation. I would never plan for the date. Keep things for last moment.

Maximum efforts I would put for some exam would be on night before exam day.  Night before exam I would read anything and everything that can come in exam. I would crunch lot of information in to short period of time, try to remember everything. I would feel sorry that I didn’t study earlier and would promise myself to study properly in future. But same thing repeated year after year.

By morning I would realize that I don’t have enough time to read everything – “I will just go inside exam hall and write what I can, there is nothing else I can do now. It’s too late

Now coming back to today. I am done with school and school exam.
No teachers, no tutions, no final exams, no results with red marks. No more exams, rite?

Well, not true! Depending upon your personal situation you still give exams now and then.

Poor people give exam almost everyday.

Imagine this – a 30 year old friend who is only source of income in his house, earns 30 thousand rupees every month. One day reaches home and finds that his family has to pay 2 thousand rupees for some unexpected maintenance. Next month another incident, family member is sick and needs to buy some expensive medicine. This goes on and on. End of every month is left with hardly anything to save.

He doesn’t get chance to take care of any long term arrangements. With zero saving by end of month, he does not know and care about investment, compound interest, fix deposit, investing in value stock.

Unfortunately, this person ends up taking frequent small loans on big fat interest. By the time he pays one loan, a new need comes up. With all such finanacial tensions this person never takes any risk in life to do somethign new. He tries to stay safe at work and never takes new steps.

This kind of behaviour in economics is sometimes called ‘Tunnel effect’. You have hard agrressive target in front of you with limited resource in your hand. All you do is keep your head down and just focus on problem. One problem leads to another problem.

Sorry to say it, but many of us spend life like that – we delay putting efforts (saving and long term arrangements) till night before exam.
And on exam night we study all crap, anythign that is thrown in front of eyes.

Make a list of all the life exams you will have to take someday. You cannot plan for all of them but there are many exams which are common in everyone’s life. Start putting efforts to prepare for it in whatever way you can.

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