Interview with Saurabh Shah at Shrenuj


Tell us about your career in Diamond Industry?

Started my career in 2005 after my 12th. I worked with Mr.Dayabhai Patel at Dahisar where I made my first diamond. I would attend collage in morning before going to work. First thing you learn is how to hold the diamond, then to roll it & polish it. Later moved to Riddhi Export where I learned assorting and rejection of diamonds as per market requirement. I use to go to the market with agents. At this stage I learned to terms and language used in in market and the way one deals with clients. Market is full of “Bol Bachan” 🙂 People talk alot to convince and impress people in market.

Gradually built faith and started getting small packets of diamonds. Worked very hard and gave my best. It was practice in my company that on getting order, first you call the party for confirmation and then give packet. At times I forgot my phone and my boss use to give his phone to me. Market is full of such small gestures which come to you after you have built trust. party for confirmation.

For 3 years I worked part time, had a plan to give CAT ( MBA entrance) , but it did not work as planned. Mr.Dayabhai Patel was very supportive for my studies. I had really good time studying and keeping job.

In 2008 I completed my graduation and gave GIA (Gemological Institute of America) interview and I was selected. That place was full of colleagues of my age . I got in-depth experience on solitaire diamonds and gained computer knowledge also. GIA offered me to complete Graduation in Diamonds. First I completed my diamond essential and then I completed my Diamond Graduation.

Eventually, I left GIA to focus on my own business. I have always strived to stay in good terms and keep my word with people in market. Although things are going good, I do miss GIA work atmosphere and life 🙂

At present my schedule is that of a typical Manufacturing business. I spend lot of time in repair of Diamonds, I have been working on I2 clarity to VVS clarity, weight, all such things. I have collected lot of experience in repairing diamonds over last few years – if someone tells me to make triple X diamonds, I can try and make it – check for the weight benefits too. I learned about manufacturing from Mr. Rajesh Kothari.

At GIA, I had a friend who was a jewelry designer. We both planned to team up do some work in jewelry together. Around that time, at one jewelry exhibition I got good response and new clients. Since 2009, I am doing work on Jewellery and using all my previous knowledge on buying diamonds, solitaire diamonds, jewelry making.

Do you consider anyone mentor in Diamond Industry?

Mr. Dayabhai Patel, Mr.Shrenikbhai and Mr. Rajeshbhai Kothari (GM in Manufacturing dept. (Shariu Gems .)

What do you think is happening in market in near future?

Long term future of Diamond Industry according to me is good. Recession is going to come and go. The graph will be up and down. But still one can earn in Diamond market if keeps doing good work. It also depends on your ability and strength. Completion and transparency will increase in market.

What Changes do you see specifically in next 2-3 years in Diamond Industry?

Diamond awareness will grow in India and that’s a good thing for business. Brokerage business will keep getting more and more challenging. Internet is becoming vital day by day. Few years ( 7 – 8 years ) back many were not aware of Internet, now everyone understands its importance and embracing it. Profit margins have gone up since buyer and seller get in touch directly.

What do you think about moving to Bharat Diamond Bourse (BKC?)

Not so great! Market is just 2 minutes walk from Charni Road station. Many rich people in our Industry, keep their car at home and catch train, cause that works out to be more time saving.

Now lets talk about Bandra – you will get stuck in traffic reaching BKC. Again, vicinity does not look that safe, not safe for Brokers who sometimes want to carry diamonds.

If most of the Diamond Companies get listed on BSE – which company you would invest your money?

Firstly I don’t like to invest in share market but even then if I have to invest then I will prefer my own company – Shairu Gems. My company is run by honest and very inspiring management. Company has good principals

Do you like the GIA‘s way of grading diamonds?

The diamond which you get is original and you can’t be cheated. There are ups and downs in grading but we can say that they are human errors. AIG is also a good company but I vote for GIA.

Any message/Suggestion for Diamondbhai reader?

Everyone i know who are aware of DiamondBhai, talk good about it. However i would like to see it grow much more and reach each and every person in market and share information.

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