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In Recent months many people from Diamond Market has approached me to understand how to use Internet to grow business or increase branding.

Three years back, not many people in Diamond market had facebook account. Many said that facebook is for college kids and not for business people. Things have changed today. In my Facebook friend list I have 1000s of members who work in Diamond industry. Many Diamond companies are sharing inventory on their facebook page. There are 100s of Facebook groups like Mumbai Diamond market, surat diamond market and what not.

I started in sep 2010. When I started website, many asked me tough questions like “Why ” “Why dont you focus on real work instea dof wasting time in Internet ” “Does DiamondBhai make any money ”

Today I have made 100s of new friends and associates because of I don’t have to explain importance of relation and trust in Diamond market. Diamondbhai has helped me take my career further in Diamond industry.

I have writen an EBOOK in which I explain things like:

  • How I started DiamondBhai in less then Rs. 10,000?
  • How much to spend on your Business website?
  • How to put life in your website and grow Internet Presence?
  • Free internet tools for Branding your Service and products

You can download this EBook for free. If you are in process of making new website or you already have a website, call me for quick advice. I have learned lot of Internet tit-bits in process of growing Diamondbhai, I will share all with you.

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How to grow business on Internet

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