Breaking News: 90% of Diamond Assorters will be Jobless by 2015 is first website to disclose this Breaking News. No newspaper or News channel wants to talk about it.

By 2015, 9 out of 10 Diamond Assorters from Mumbai , Surat and all other cities of India will loose their Job.

After 10 years of Research experiments and spending 50 million dollars inside hi-tech laboratories in Washington DC, GIA (Genological Institute of America) has claimed to Produce RATS (mice) that will do job of Diamond Assorters.

Yes! you read it correct, Rats are going to replace skilled human being. Read further for more details.

In 2007 one group was successful in Training Genetically modified Rats called “HeroRat” to detect Landmines (bombs hidden inside land). Same technology has been advanced to train Rats to Assort Diamonds.

Dr. James from Virginia, USA, explained that by accident one day they discovered that Rats were capable of Assorting Diamonds. At present Rats are able to detect Diamonds which are atleast 1 Carat or bigger.

Indian Supplier for HeroRat Mr Dilip Patel said “I have already started taking orders for HeroRat. Some of the top, Surat based, Diamond manufacturing companies want to add HeroRats to their Assorting department, as soon as they are launched

Rajeshbhai, a well known, broker and Trader from Mumbai Diamond market said “This is insult not just to Diamond Assorters who will loose their jobs, but big slap on face of whole Indian Diamond Industry

Separate protest have been organised across different cities to oppose use of such genetically modified Rats who will kill jobs of Diamond Assorters. In Mumbai, a group of Diamond traders and Brokers will start morcha This Sunday morning from Pancharatna building till Azad Maidan.

Please join the Morcha on Sunday outside Pancharatna building, Charni Road at 10 am. If you want to contribute/donate any amount to help us file law suit in International Trade Court, let us know. Your contribution will help the cause.

If you need any further information feel free to call me (9869663539) or write to

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