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This post is going to be long. But its worth it! Better get a cup of tea before you start reading. is community platform for Businesses inside Indian Diamond Industry. However everyday lot of people, not from Diamond Market, reach through search engine. Looking at search terms (you can keep track what people searched on Google before they were sent to your website) it seemed there were lot of people who wanted to buy Jewellery or wanted to read about it.

If you follow DiamondBhai Facebook Page, you would remember, few months back I asked all fans whether I should start completely new website or just start a separate section inside DiamondBhai. Lot of people responded but I was more confused after getting feedback.

I could have started new B2C section for Jewellery inside DiamondBhai, but I didn’t want to mix up community platform with jewellery consumers and non-market people. So i went ahead and started new website

Pronounced as “Jewelry Pain

Why name ?

I apologies people who run Jewellery websites, but here’s what I felt. Almost every Indian Jewellery Project/website I came across focused on one thing – SELLING Jewellery. For a common visitor buying online Jewellery is Pain. hence name “JewelryPain”

You have to understand one important principle difference between real world shoppers and Internet audience. In real world if 10 people come inside jewellery store there 9 out of 10 chances that they really want to buy something.

However on internet it is other way round. 9 out of 10 people who visit your website are looking for some cool Experience. They want to see if you worthy for second visit, may be third and then give you call. It takes a while before they actually decide to buy something from you.

On I will be focusing on what jewellery lovers want instead of selling them something. got launched few weeks back. I am looking for partners to join me in various capacity. Please get in touch.

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