Launcing soon – live 114

DiamondBhai "Live114" Indian Diamond market

What’s up?!

“live 114” will start from 14 Feb 2012, Tuesday

Send SMS to 9869663539 to join

What is live 114?

Virtual room for Diamond Traders and Brokers.

Why name live 114?

live 114 stands for live interaction every weekday morning 11 till 4 in evening. (11 am to 4 pm IST)

What all can I do inside live 114?

  • Share information on products & requirements in REAL TIME
  • Interact with Diamond traders and brokers
  • private one to one conversation

Why should I use live 114?

  • Stay in touch with business contacts
  • Make new contacts
  • Find new business leads

How to sign up for live 114?

  • Send SMS to Chetan Parmar on 9869663539
  • Receive verification call

How can I access live 114?

live 114 can be accessed anywhere in the world on your laptop and smartphone devices

Which device are supported?

Supports smartphones and any device with a decent browser (Opera Mobile or WebKit): iPad , iPhone, iPod Touch, Windows Mobile, Android and Symbian S60 phones.

Is blackberry supported?

At this point of time we don’t support blackberry

So go ahead and send me one SMS with your first name, I will give you verification call to complete registration. live 114 will start from 14-Feb morning at 11 am.

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