Similarity between Google, Coconut tree and

Indian Diamond Industry Startup

DiamondBhai was started in sep 2010. Its roughly 18 months old now. Every now and then, I meet people who will ask me below questions:

People: “Is DiamondBhai making money for you?”

Me: “No it’s not!”

People: “How will it make money in future?”

Me: “really not sure about that”

People: “In that case, why are you wasting time”

Me: ya rite!

This post is to clarify what really is going on here. Points I would share here applies for any new start-up or institution.

When you plant a Coconut seed, do you come back next day or next month to check if it is giving coconuts?

Coconut tree takes its own time to give results. Sometimes trees fail due to unexpected reason, but in most cases they grow and eventually give fruits (is it correct to call Coconut a Fruit? anyways..)

Point is, it takes time to grow anything.

I will tell you when DiamondBhai will make money

DiamondBhai will make money when it generates 1000 times more wealth for it’s user base.

Heard of google and Facebook?
They were not only zero revenue startups for years but on top of it, they didn’t knew how will they make money ever. These websites were popular and growing day by day without knowing how to make money. It was one fine day, out of nowhere they thought of something that changed the game.

Finally, to understand how Internet works, you have to understand value of brand name and loyal user base. is not google or Facebook but I dont mind comparison with a Growing Coconut tree

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