Sell that Jewelry on Amazon’s – Early comments inviting retailers to list their products and not selling any products them-self

Comment 1)
This way they will collect data about what sells in India and what doesn’t. Also find about how good a Retailer is.

Comment 2)
They do not have warehouse to do shipping, since you buy directly from Retailer and not from Amazon

Comment 3)
They might simply BUY/Acquire which has complete supply-chain/warehouse/expertise of shipping stuff in India

Comment 4)
If they continue to do what they are doing now. They will fail miserably because they depend on partners who are selling. If partners do bad job, you will not return to Amazon.

Comment 5)
Day one they are displaying Diamond jewelry. Means lot of Indians do buy Diamond Jewlery in India.

Comment 6)
Website says you can List your products for free. You have to fill this form

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