Interview with Mihir Ganatra

How did you start your career in Diamond Industry?
I started in 2002 with Fabula Gems which is now known as Supergems India Pvt. Ltd. I was trainee fresher to diamond industry. My uncle & brother were in same industry so it helped me a lot to start. I worked with Supergems India Pvt. Ltd for almost 8 years, learned all business and technical skills, complete product cycle – right to from scratch to Sale executive. Learned assorting, manufacturing, accounting, book keeping, stock keeping etc. I have learned all about diamonds from Supergems India Pvt. Ltd. & last I was working as sales executive.

Presently, I am working with Diasque India pvt. Ltd.

How was your experience during 2008 slow down ?
That time I was working with Supergems India Pvt. Ltd, many people from our Industry lost jobs, even some of my friends did. Almost everyone who was working for some company was tensed. I saw many of my colleagues losing jobs and that got me worried. Fortunately, by god’s grace I survived, my job was secure and soon after sometime business started running good, time changed again.

Any good or not so good aspect of our market you want to talk about?
Nothing that I have seen is so bad, except for crunch time of 2008. Lot of good things – market is growing very fast; new technology are getting adapted; market is getting narrow down; healthy competition is becoming way of doing business;

How do you compare Indian Diamond Industry with respect to rest of the world?
Indian diamond market will grow rapidly in coming few years. Still most of us have to find customers outside India, but things will change over period of time. Mumbai diamond market is on its way to become Diamond Buying and trading hub like like Antwerp diamond  market. Antwerp for rough market and Mumbai for Polish diamond market.

What do you think of shifting diamond market to BDB ( Bharat Diamond Bourse) ?
According to me it is very good step. See, previously market was at zaveri bazar, it took time to shift to opera house. Same way we will shift to BDB. It is more secure than opera house and all things are under one roof – banking, export etc. It will be like comfortable and organized arrangement like Antwerp diamond market.

If all companies from our market are listed on Stock market, which one would you Invest your money in?
Recently, I have been out of stock market. Instead I would love to invest in gold or something else.

However if I have to have invest something in these companies then it would be Rosy Blue Diamond, its a well established and organized since many years. In 2008 share market and diamond market both took people on ride – gone in to deep vally, I think memories of that volatile market are still very fresh in my mind.

What change do you for-see coming in market in next few years?
Technologies are changing day by day, and fortunately our market is adapting it very well. New generation is mostly educated  and hence bringing new ideas and style of doing business. Brokers & traders will face more challenges as big companies have started using power of Internet and its just matter of few clicks to buy on demand. On top of it now Customers are also able to buy Diamonds without need of any middle manager to work out deal.

What message would like to give to readers?
I would suggest to people to share their story and experience through platform. It makes diamond market more friendly and inspiring.

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