What is DiamondBhai Fake News?

Diamond market is all about serious business and at present its going through tough times. To ease out situation we have decided to pick some current affair topic and create FAKE news out of it. Names, Place and things mentioned in these Fake News have nothing to do with any real people.

Henceforth if you see any Post with title starting with ‘FN’ assume that it is fake. Depending on response I get from people/Readers I will decide how often to write such Fake News Articles.

And yes post will be full of sarcastic ideas, if unknowingly you get hurt by any of these post, please give me call on my cell +91-98696963539, I will buy you Chai at Milan Tea stall, Charni Road, Mumbai.

Disclaimer: My cell number and Invitation for Chai – both are real, not ‘FAKE’


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