FN : Will Diamond Market Get Nonstop Charni Road – Surat Train?

This week people got together and protested to request for a non-Stop train which would run between Charni Road – Bandra – Surat. There are lot of people from Diamond market who commute everyday between Surat and Charni Road. “Diamond Market was complaining about this since long time but recent use of social media such as Facebook added real heat said Amit Jain, Diamond Trader from Opera house area.

Halt at Bandra was added to train route to help people who work at Bharat Diamond Bourse, BKC, Mumbai. On further investigation it was found that at present only 10 – 12 people from Diamond market work at Bharat Diamond Bourse. “We never talk about how many people work at BKC based Bharat Diamond Bourse but in future you will see whole market shifting from Opera House area to Bandrasaid Ketan Parekh, Chairman of Indian Diamond Merchant Chambers.

Diamond traders from Mumbai market organised a protest march/Morcha which started 100 feet away from Mantralay. They were expecting Maharashtra Chief Minister to receive Morcha, however Minister was busy with CBI investigation on Adarsh scam. A letter signed by more 1000 Diamond Traders and Brokers was handed over to Mr Pandu, Senior Office boy from Chief Ministers office. Later it was found that letter was not taken seriously because everyone had signed letter using Pencil instead of pen. “હીરા બાઝાર ના વ્યાપારી કોઈ દિવસ પણ pen થી લક્તાજ નથી – બધી જગ્યાએ અમે pencil થી સઈ સીક્કા કરીએ છે – અમારા બધા ચોપડા પણ અમે pencil થી લખીએ છે” said Kumar Patel, owner of Kumar Diamonds.

Maharastra Goverment and Indian Railway has created joint drafting committee which will include 5 goverment representative and 5 members of Indian Diamond Industry. This committee will discuss the issue over next 5 years and finalise proposal.

મારી પાસે એટલા પૈસા છે કે હૂં એકલોજ ચરની રોંદ થી સુરત સુધીના રેલ ના પાટા નાખી દવ” said Dhawal Shah, owener of Dhawal Diamonds & Gems. Unfortunately same night there was Income tax raid at Dhawal Shah’s residence and next morning he declared his company defaulting on bank loan.

Note: This post is part of DiamondBhai Fake News series

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