Interview with Sudesh Shirke

How did you start you career in Diamond Industry?
I started in 1995 with Kama Jewelry. I was in to role of “Office Boy” (office work / assistance) . After spending sometime I started hands-on learning with various things like – Diamond Assorting, Diamond QC after Diamond setting, Diamond bagging after purchase is done.

Presently I am Assistant manager for Diamond Bagging department at Kama Jewelry.

If you were not in Diamond Industry which other field you would have got in to?
I completed my studies and started working at Kama as office boy. There was no other thing in hand. I got job at Kama and started working sincerely. I was not sure about what way my career would move, but Mr. Colin Shah became my guide and supported me.

Today, I am in very good position in Diamond Industry, consider myself very fortunate. With all the support I have got there was no reason to think about any other field or industry.

Do you consider anyone mentor in diamond market?
I have had interesting Journey. All the skills I have learned is due to grooming I got inside Kama jewelry. I have never attended any other Training or classes.

I consider Colin Shah as my mentor in diamonds, MR. Murari for Jewelry, Ashishbhai & Rajibhai for getting more knowledge in diamonds.

How was the slow down in 2008 according to you?
It was not bad for us as our company have supported us. But I am aware of many from various companies who got impact, many lost job and source of livelihood. It was scary time for everyone in Industry.

Memories of 2008 slowdown are so fresh in people’s mind that everyone fears again of same type of slowdown.As part of Kama, I am confident that we will face any future turmoils with courage and do our best. But people outside do fear about uncertainty.

Many people are keeping away from Diamond Industry, labeling it has Not a safe career option.

And again look at the graph of Diamond prices they are all over the place. Ups and downs are so drastic that Many small and big traders are scared to do business and manage inventory. Lets hope that there is more stability in diamond market.

Please share some tough decision/situation from your 15 year long career in Diamond Industry?
Touch wood I have never took any such decision till now. As our company have took care of us at all time. Even in 2008 we got good reward for all the work we did. Colin Shah have always made sure that all team members are doing OK.

Whats your favorite pass time?
Spending time with family or watching news. If you are part of diamond jewelry field you know that there are peak seasons when you have to work even on Sundays.

Any message to readers?
People should work in unity that’s the only way our market will prosper more.

2008 was exceptional and as I said it is fresh in our mind. But things do get better as time passes.

We all should do things to educate consumers about Diamonds. Gold is a very household thing in India, but Diamonds are fairly new item. We should educate so that they feel confident about buying Diamonds as they feel for Gold today.

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