DiamondBhai.com Posters and banners all over Opera house. Not Really

DiamondBhai.com is Zero Spam Project. No Posters No Spam

DiamondBhai.com is Zero Spam Project. No Posters No Spam

We have been approached by more then one well wishers of DiamondBhai.com website with expressions:
Why don’t we advertise?
Why don’t we put few posters of market.diamondbhai.com on the walls?
Why don’t we print 1000 pamphlets and distribute them?

I usually smile and reply that “we will see in future, but as of today we are heavily relying on word of mouth

Chances are – DiamondBhai.com will never put posters or banners. There are already so many posters/banners creating nuisance on the wall. Do this exercise today while you commute back home, start counting number of brands/advertisement you see, countign will go in 1000s. On usual day you would have not paid attention to these brands but they are all around you.

In 2008 political parties plastered the city with approximately 20 lakh posters and hoardings of candidates birthdays, festival greetings, victories, welcomes, etc. Just 1,590 were legal (with BMC permission)

We came up with meaningful alternative: Youtube videos. If you visit DiamondBhaiTv (Youtube Channel ) you will find videos that you would like to watch in your spare time.

Here are 3 of the videos, watch it when you have spare time. If you like send link to others.

A day inside Mumbai Diamond Market
This 3 minutes video has been viewed 970 times. (thats 3 minutes x 970 = 48 hours of viewing by 100s of people)


DiamondBhai.com SMS service Intro
This 3 minutes video has been viewed 400 times. (thats 3 minutes x 400 = 20 hours of viewing across the globe)


Market.DiamondBhai.com Introduction
This ~2 minutes video has been viewed 250 times. (video posted on sep 13 2011)



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