Interview with Prakash Ghose (dada)

Prakash Ghosh, Zaveri Bazaar, Mumbai


Dada, How did you start your career in Diamond and Jewelry field?
After completing studies i was looking for good career to get in to. I came to Mumbai and got in to Jewelry making work in Zaveri Bazaar. Did small job work for different companies. Now its been 32 years I am doign this work.

There are two types of people in market – Real Player(Khiladi) and all others. Khiladi always keeps working and finds out way to make progress in life. Everyone in market has personality.Everyone has different level of Ambitions.

Dada, tell us about your experiences during tough economic times like 2000 and 2008 recessions?
I have been working for 32 years. I have seen much more touger times in past, 2008 was not a big deal. I have seen many rought patches in whole career, one would not get work for months..sometimes 3-4 months.

Even Today there is lot of work before Diwali but during rainy seasons we are low on work.

In last 32 years, any drastic changes you have seen in the way business is done?
Previosuly only few selected people use to make and buy Jewelry. Nowdays lot of people afford it. Specially in last 10 years things have improved alot.

According to you What things to change in market?
At tiems I see resistance for using new technology. But new machines have to come. Present time demands that every milligram of resource is used carefully. Its required to have zero manufacturing loss. People have to adapt to new changes, its competitive world.

Indian consumers use to buy Gold Jewelry, now more and more people are buying diamond Jewelry. Things are changing.

What is your favourite thing to do when you are not busy?
I spend time in reading Spiritual text.

Any message for members in market?
I really do not have anything to say[smiles]

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