Why DiamondBhai.com never Spams your Email

Spam Email in Indian Diamond market

I am going to talk about 2 things in this post:
– why spamming is not so cool
– what else can be done about it

Precaution: There are no quick fixes when it comes to doing business using Internet.

Situation 1)
Imagine yourself as 17 year old Kid, desperate to go on date with some girl. Would you go all around, approach all girls asking for date? You don’t know them and they don’t know you. But your strategy is “if I ask 100 girls at-least one will agree”

Situation 2)
Better way to handle above situation is – choose right person, introduce yourself, start conversation, become friendly and then ask her out for coffee.

In situation 2, you will have to put more time and effort. You will have to be sincere and honest. But the trust factor will be stronger.  Whereas in situation 1, you don’t have to spend much effort. Quickly ask and leave. If you get lucky may be someone says yes.

Spamming email is like situation 1.

When I started DiamondBhai.com, very first month a friend told me that he can get me more then 9000 contact details of people working in Diamond market. All I have to do is start posting/spamming emails to all 9000 people. It sounded easiest and fastest way to make website well known.

However I chose a tougher path. DiamondBhai.com is Zero Spam project. Today most of the people who visit DiamondBhai, come through 4 different ways:
1) google search
2) word of mouth
3) facebook messages
4) Youtube videos

Everyday new people are finding DiamondBhai.com and many continue to visit it, again and again. It is more time consuming process but leaves mush stronger relation and faith towards brand.

If you think you are done with spamming and want to do something different, get in touch with me. I will spend few minutes in brainstorming with you, understand your situation and share few easy action items which help your online presence. And yes it wont be free. You have to buy me Cup of tea and some Kachoris outside Panchratna.

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