Interview with Jimit Mehta

Jimit Mehta, Mumbai Diamond Market

Tell us, how you started your career in Diamond market?
Took training at Shreeji Rajendra Classes, Opera House. Since last 7 years I am working in diamond industry mainly as diamond Assorter.
First job was with RS Export – got solid experience in diamond assortment. Later started working at Rajesh Gems – diamond assortment, buying & selling.

If not diamond industry which other profession you would have chosen?
My family business of Dry Fruits.

How was 2008 slowdown for you?
I would say – I got lucky in time. Just before slowdown I moved from RS Exports to Rajesh Gems. During slowdown RS Exports had to cut down salaries by 25% whereas Rajesh Gems supported us, they even raised our salary to ease the environment.

Have you seen good not so good in diamond market?
I have come across both – most of it is good.

Not so good – I would point out recent incident of Bomb blasts inside our market. This incident has brought to everyone’s notice that we live in a unpredictable world and our markets lack security aspect. Many talk about shifting to BKC (Bharat Diamond Bourse) – but I think even that is not feasible. For many commuting to BKC is more risky then you can imagine.

One more message I would like to share with business owners is that it is very important for them to take care of employees in bad times. Slowdowns and recessions are the times when your real identity comes to surface, please help your employees to continue their work and in return you will get long term returns and reputation.

What do you think about position of Indian Diamond Industry in the world?
I think we are doing pretty well. Strong base compared to many different parts of the world. Recently Gujarat government wanted whole Mumbai market to move to Gujarat, of-course no one is moving, but that goes to show that we are really contributing to economy and people would love to host us.

If you get chances to change one thing in diamond market what it would be?
I would like to change arrangements in our market. Do not really like people doing business on street, there should community based facility which is shared by people; you can use it when required, show your stones to buyers and sellers and complete your deal. Also if there was way to restrict access to our area with only Identity card. We have such secured access system for Prasad and other buildings, but something similar for whole area would be great to have.

Any though decision in your life you can share?
I am in process of moving my base to Ahmedabad and work for Jinjuwada Bro. Jewellers, I think it took me strong planning before taking decision. Hopefully it will turn out a good one for me.

Any suggestion to readers?
This is my personal thinking – for new comers – only if you have strong network or connection – start career in Diamond market – else there’s going to be tough and long path you will have to cover.

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