Interview with Abhishek Patel

Abhishek Patel


How did you start your career in diamond industry as Software developer?
I was fresher and was hunting for job. Came across vacancy at Shree ram Krishna Export at surat, so have been there passed in interview & joined as software developer. Worked with surat factory for 4 to 5 months & got opportunity to come Mumbai office to develop program for Polish diamond program.  I have had never been plan that I will work in diamond industry.

At surat I was developing program for rough to polish diamond process. In Mumbai did software development for online sale’s, website developing accounting, customers demand in software & many more.

So have spent more then 5 years in Shree Ram Krishna Export, later started working for different IT company.

If you have not been in IT than which profession you would chose?
I would have chose to go in Navy, it was my childhood dream

Do you consider anyone as your Mentor?
Although I have spent most of my career in Diamond Industry, I am really Software Developer at heart. I take lot of inspiration from what Bill Gates has achieved. Also consider Mark zuckerberg(Facebook) and Sergey Brin & Larry Page(google) as mentors.

Inside Diamond market I am highly inspired by work done by Govindbhai Dholakia from SRK Exports(Surat). I have also worked with Rahullbhai Dholakia, he really kept all team members like family member.
In all almost everyone I have met in Diamond Industry give lot of importance to relationship.

How was the slow down for you in 2008?
I think if I was in pure IT company I would have gone through tough times. Being in Diamond Industry with a solid Employer, I was out of any fear. I saw people around me working very hard. We pushed ourself to do extra work to make our systems more customer friendly and grow business.

What do think about recent bomb blasts (13-7-2011) in diamond market?
Life lost has made permanent loss there is nothing that can replace it. However I don’t think affects the energy and enthusiasm inside Diamond market. I think we should move to BKC as things are more organised and well planned. Security aspect is covered well. In Charni Road for obvious reasons we cannot implement 100% security, since its a open public place. Indian Diamond Industry is a solid player in India economy and we deserve to be located in a facility with proper arrangements. It will also change image of our Industry and make us world class.

What changes have you seen in diamond market in last 5 years?
As I have been in IT related activities, I would share something related to my work. IT have changed lot of thing in diamond market. Latest technologies like RFID are used for stock taking. Ofcourse nothing can replace the accuracy and judgement of real Human. But lot of Manual repeatative activities – like counting 1000 stones, which manually take 30 minutes, software does that in minutes.

For cutting rough diamonds new machine are launched with these manual error are reduce and working is done accurate & loss are also done is minimum.

Online websites are helping in sales. People save lot of time and are able to find best deals. Saves time & money, both valuable factors in business.

What changes do you see in diamond market?
In last 5 years, IT has changed the picture of diamond market. There is lot of new technology  coming out for Manufacturing. Like, checking the inscription on stone diamond takes seconds and is done without error.  So going forward people will save time & effort. This will create opportunity for employees to pay attention to other important business aspects.

There is a misconception that IT replaces real human, but in reality if you see IT has grown in last 10-15 years, and even businesses have grown. So what really happens is IT and technology in general solves problems and people get chance to expand and do things which previously they were not doing it.

Any good or not so good things you have come across in Diamond Market?
Good: people are very hard working and they are sharp in wealth creation.

Not so good: I see lot of people overworking and not spending quality time with family and socially.

Any though decision you have took in your life?
Due to gods grace I think things have kept moving, never really had tough times.

What is your favorite pass time?
I am Software geek, love to execute projects which solve business problems, no bullshit business.

What would you like to say about
Modules like and will help people find opportunities and supplement extra business.

I encourage people to give solid, positive and negative feedback on blog & facebook, so that diamondbhai can make changes as per users requirement.That is meaning of community website.

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