quick updates: jobs, calculator and market(coming soon)

1) jobs.diamondbhai.com was launched 2 weeks back and we are approaching companies to post their recruitment ad on the page.
jobs.diamondbhai.com is new place and any new place takes some time before people get use to it. Our market is full of companies who do not mind to join new initiatives and act as a change agent.

2) added calculator inside our facebook page. Now calculate Less2, Less1 and net inside facebook page. check here www.facebook.com/diamondbhai

We also have same calculator on webpage

DiamondBhai Market Coming Soon

3) Market (coming soon)- on 9th August we are launching market inside DiamondBhai website. Market will be platform for businesses inside Indian Diamond and Jewelry market to buy and sell – products and service. I need help! If you can spend 15-20 minutes anytime before August 9th, please let me know. I want you to try market and give me feedback. write me a line chetan@diamomdnbhai.com or call 9869663539

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