3 wrong Ideas about your career in Diamond and Jewelry industry

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Career decision indian diamond industry

1) I do not like my present job but I should continue
Situation: You don’t like your job for some reason. But people around you think that you should become more realistic. People around you think it is cool to work for company you are in.

Listen to others but decide for yourself. Always ask “what is it that you actually want?”

2) I should be happy
Everyone wants to be happy. Infact nowadays, people think that if he is not happy, there is something wrong with him. By pushing yourself to be happy you are becoming more unhappy. If you are not happy about something – you are not happy about it. That’s it!

3) I need to gain more confidence to do important thing
I want to work on some business idea but first I want to gain some confidence to do it. Hence you decide – once you are confident enough you will change something. —Mistake—
Confidence comes only from doing something, to try it out – to practice something.

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