Wednesday evenings blast is still  in front of my eyes. I was in Roxy building when blast occurred, about 100 feet from spot of bomb blast in Opera house area. Heard thunderous sound, ran towards spot, only to find some unfortunate people of our market being covered in blood. I will never forget the horrifying scene for rest of my life. I am sorry for members of our market who became victim of this inhuman act of blast and I have lot of ANGER inside.

Earlier this week it was planned to launch, however these blast incident put me in two minds. TO DO IT OR TO DELAY THE LAUNCH.

I called one senior member of Mumbai Diamond market and shared the confusion and this is what he had to say
“મુંબઈ હીરા બાઝાર ને ટાર્ગેટ કર્યું કેમકે આ જગ્યા દેશ ની Growth Engine છે – મને તમારું ખબર નથી પણ હું પોતે હવે હજી જોરદાર મેહનત કરવાનો છું”
(Mumbai Diamond Industry – was made target because it’s India’s growth engine. Answer is to grow stronger and faster; I don’t know about you but I’m just going to work harder…)

I finished my call and I was clear in my mind that I am going ahead with the launch

So here’s the URL

check it, break it, use it. If you like it – drop me an email. If you don’t like it still drop me an email.
I will write more about in coming days..

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