What’s coming next on DiamondBhai.com?

History of DiamondBhai.com
10 months back before I started DiamomdBhai.com – I had decided to say goodbye to Diamond Industry. After working for more then 5 years – I didnt see my career move to next level. There could be several reasons for my loss of motivation towards Diamond Industry, but one of them was – no family background in Diamond world.

At such a point in life, one of my mentor (my cousin brother), asked me to continue for one more year in Diamond market. He asked me to to do two things:
1) take up some good job and work sincerely
2) Start DiamondBhai.com

How was DiamomdBhai.com born?
My mentor asked me to make list of things that were available online on popular Diamond market websites and magazines. Then he asked me to find out what was missing in the list. After spending hours – I realised that all the websites related to Diamond market covered Big companies, Economic news related to International Diamond world, Interviews of some legend inside Diamond-Jewelry market, launch of some multinational brand  etc.

One thing that was missing was – no one really talked about common Traders, Brokers, Entrepreneurs, Jewelry designers – people I see everyday in market. That was moment of truth. I decided to to interview people I meet in market everyday and create online community with them.

My Mentor told me to stick to few important rules:
1) Never Spam people. If your work is useful – community will grow through word of mouth.
2) Try new things – let people in market decide whether to use it or kill it.
3) Never rush in to doing something out of greed and spoil relations.
4) Community will tell you what to do next. Keep your eyes and ears open.

What’s Next?
This Friday (July 15th) we are launching Job and career section on website – if you or anyone you know who is looking for work – please use this job board.

If you are a business owner and want to hire people – please use this website – it is perhaps only online career dashboard dedicated for Indian Diamond and Jewelry Industry.

more later…

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