Interview with Hiren Mehta

Hiren Mehta

Hirenbhai, how did you start your career in Diamond Market?
I started working in Diamond industry about 5 and half year back. Started working for a K P Sanghvi and sons. I worked there for about 18 months. Later for 18 months I was working for a company named ‘Chains N Chains‘ this company use to manufacture Gold Chains and they were moving in to Diamond Jewelry business. After this as you Know I have been with ‘Allyours Diamonds‘ as Sales Executive.

Usually if a person works sincerely for 5 – 7 years in Diamond Industry, he gets up to position good enough to keep him occupied and grow further. Growth also depends on what kind of opportunity and team you work for. I have seen people striving hard for a long period without getting much rewarded.

Do you consider anyone in Diamond market as your mentor?
No one as yet!

If not Diamond Industry – which other Industry of business you would have got in to?
Investment Banking. I have worked for Investment Bank for 3 years and understand how things work there.

Over last few years what changes have you seen in Diamond market?
Lot of changes.
There is lot of young crowd, previously I was commonly found people who are on bit 40 – 45 years range. Now I think the average age has moved down to 35.
Technology changes – there is lot of online marketing and trading. Previously it was purely traditional business style. Now it is common for businesses to use websites, skype, gtalk etc.

Any good thing that distinctly come to your mind?
Our industry is full of companies who are very well organized and matured. Let me give you an example when I was working with K P Sanghvi. I was beginner and they taught me how to open a packet of Diamonds. As a beginner I found it strange that so much importance was given for such a small task. Believe me! I was told to practice this for next one week. Later I realized that it was not just physical aspect of opening a small packet but it was my patience building exercise. I got a solid training on Diamond Assorting, numbering and pricing techniques.

Any not-so-good things that come to your mind?
Bias towards relatives and community members.

What changes do you forsee in near future?
Online marketing will grow further. Level of transparency will keep going high. For brokers business will keep getting tougher because one can potentially reach the end party through internet.

IF all the companies from Diamond market are listed on Stock Market and you are given some amount to invest, where would you put your money?
Venus Jewel
! I respect the way they do business. They have their personal grading system, I am not sure if there is any other company who has anything like that. They don’t control their prices looking at what others do, they have their way of doing things.

Any tough decisions you have taken in your career?
Twice. First was when I left Diamond Industry and went in to Investment Banking. Second time when I returned back to Diamond Industry after spending 3 years in Investment banking. This time I wasn’t single, I had a wife and a daughter to take care of.

Any activity you do when free time?
Reading. Listening music. Nowdays I spend most of my free time playing with my daughter.

Any message for readers? is a good initiative. I feel its a good achievement to reach so many people in such a short period of time. The best part is it is a personal experience sharing platform. I see someone’s interview, I learn something about that person, his ideas, views. I would never know all such things unless I know that person personally. I am sure lot of people are learning things from each other’s stories through this website.

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