Are you working Hard in Diamond Industry? Really?

Yesterday I met one respected and highly experienced member from our Mumbai Diamond market and he explained me what Hard work really means.

Taking Risk Same as Hard work

He said more then 35% of people who are part of Diamond Industry are involved in non-physical aspect of work. Jobs or roles inside Indian Diamond Indutsry fall in to two categories.

Skilled-Physical work – working on Diamond manufacturing floor is skilled physical work. Seating on a desk and doing Diamond Assortment is skilled Physical work.

Skilled-Mental work – Diamond broker helping buyers to find required items – this is skilled-mental work. A Diamond Trader taking risk of buying diamonds at right time and then selling it later for profit is skilled-mental work.

In the world of Skilled-Physical-work people do lot of hard work. They keep working for long hours, weekends, nights when demand is up, customers are waiting. So working long hours is same as working hard.

Unfortunately, in the world of Skilled-Mental-work, people still continue to think that working long hours is same as working Hard. If you are a Diamond TraderHow many times in a day you do some hard physical work? Chances are none. Hence in Skilled-mental-work doing long hours is not same as working Hard.

Then what is Hard work in world of Skilled-Mental-Workers?
It’s hard work to make difficult emotional decisions, such as quitting a job and starting your own company. It’s hard work to start something new, some new process, some new service. It’s hard work to tell your Boss that he is not going in right direction and the way he is doing stuff can be done in more efficient manner. It’s hard work to tell owner of your million dollar company that company can make certain changes in your department, try something new, take calculated risk with new stuff and abandon existing arrangement.

Hence in world of Skilled-mental-workers – Working Hard means taking more risks. (rather then working long hours)

If you are a business owner – next time one of your employee comes to you and tells you to bring some change in the way you run your setup, listen to him carefully, because chances are that he is doing real Hard work.

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