Interview with Maulik Vora

When we talk about Business competition – we rarely hear about Unity. However, unity is a key in a business community. It not only keeps business healthy but also creates good morale and satisfaction in work we do. Today we are talking to Maulik Vora who thinks Unity amongst Diamond Brokers can make things better for everyone.

Maulik Vora Diamond Broker

Maulikbhai, Please tell us about your journey in Diamond industry?
I started in 2002-2003 year, begin my career with Diamond Assortment work. I started working with S. Vinodkumar & Co.  (Prasad Chambers, 5th floor). Worked there for 1.5 years in Diamond Assortment. Later years I moved to different companies to do various business related activities like meeting clients etc. I moved to K.Pankaj and worked for a year. Later worked at Nirav Exports for 2.5 years.

I just completed a year of working independently as a Diamond broker and fortunately things are moving in right direction for me.

If not Diamond market – which other Industry you would have chosen?

Probabaly Immitation Jewelry. Lot of my cousins are in to it and they are doign pretty well. However my Dad has been working in Mumbai Diamond market as Accountant, since long time. So I always had available information and lot of people in industry to help me.

How was yoru experience during Economic slowdown in 2008?
I believe I was working in Nirav Exports. We had a very small/lean team focused on business activities. Secondly I was also spending time on completing my education back then. I was completely occupied and didnt see much bigger impact at personal level. Only later when I heard from peopel about how bad things were for many who lost jobs etc, I realised that it was certainly once in decade kind of slowdown.

Presently, atleast thats what I hear from people, Diamond production is low, hence in a way good products and services are in demand. I don’t think we are hitting any such bad phase anytime soon.

Any good or ‘Not-so-good’ thing you have seen in Diamond Industry, which distinctly come to yoru mind?
Not-so-good aspect that comes to my mind: Ever since I moved in to Diamond Brokerage activity, I have relaised that there is lot of peer pressure on Diamond Brokers. Everyone seems to be ready to give tough time to Brokers. On top of it, I dont see unity amongst Diamond brokers.

Some level of unity and understanding between all Diamond Brokers will benefit everyone, else we would just keep damaging each others business in long run.

Do you for-see any major changes coming to our market in near future?
Day by day Brokerage business for Bigger stones is reducing. Perhaps in future it will be common practice to do direct busieness with manufacturer for bigger stones.

What do you thin about Mumbai Diamond market moving to BKC?
Lot of business happens between Javeri Bazaar and companies based in Opera House area. Even today you will find many visiting Jewelers in different corners of Mumbai. If we move to BKC, these people will need to make rounds of Javeri Bazaar. Big companies will move to BKC, however it looks like smaller and medium size companies will take their time to move.

Any tough decision you have taken in past few years and would liek to share?
[smiles] I left my studies after 10th and started working in Diamond Industry. Only after few years, my friends and well wishers convinced me to get back to studies, I took 12th standard exams. I think it worked out well for me. Ever since I commenced my studies again, I have been doing good in career too.

Favourite liesure time activity or hobby?
hanging out with friends. I love hukka places too[smiles]

If all companies in Diamond market get listed on stock market, which company you would liek to invest money in?
I am very fond of ‘Lakhi Groups‘.

Any message for beginners and other readers?
If you keep your eyes and ears open and keep trying – you will definitely find opportunities. To members in market I would once again convey that if we stay united it will help everyone to perform well.

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