DiamondBhai.com is 9 months old now

Yes! we just completed 9 months of building this online community. Internet is both powerful and humbling.

Powerful because it allows you to reach enterprising people from each and every corner of the world
Humbling – because more and more people you meet, you realise there are no short cuts in life. Everyone who is successful has gone through tough times.

Thanking once again to all members who gave interviews and shared their stories. I can go back to each and every interviews and find some important lesson, which members have shared out of their personal experience.

Interviews - Indian Diamond Market

Interviews - Indian Diamond Market (click to enlarge picture)

In first few months of DiamondBhai.com it was really difficult to get new member for interview. However now I feel interview resistance has gone down, but still there is long way to go.

Earlier this week DiamondBhai SMS service was launched – this will will enable broadcasting of ‘Breaking News’ to thousands of people instantly inside Diamond markets all over India. This service uses simple SMS messages, there is rocket-science. However if lot of people join the service it will bring a small revolution in our market. Please check this youtube video to know more.

I met lot of people in last 9 months and got several good advice. One advice which hit me very hard was “While making small or big decision, always think DiamondBhai.com will keep growing for next 25 years. Hence never compromise on relations or quality of work”

In next 3 – 4 months you will see one more new module getting added to DiamondBhai.com, which will help members to find new opportunities.

I invite all businesses and individuals to consider this website as a community platform and use it to share interesting things with whole Diamond market. Please call me to find out how you can write guest posts.

Once again I want to thank everyone for support and faith. With zero rupee marketing budget and Zero-spamming the only way this website can survive is by word-of-mouth. Visit our facebook page and hit ‘Like’ If you see our link on facebook please hit ‘Share’. Please help me pass the word about this website.

Thank you,
Chetan Parmar,
founder – DiamondBhai.com

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