Is your salary more then your wife’s sister’s husband?

One respected Business leader once said that people are more likely to be satisfied with their salary if they earn more then their wife’s sister’s husband.(in Gujarati wife’s sister’s husband is know as Sadu-Bhai)



Let me share one similar situation of a person who started working in Mumbai Diamond Market 3 years back. As a fresher, he started working for 7 thousand per month. Back then he said that in 3 years of career growth, he will be very happy if he started earning more then 30 thousand per month.

Today he is earning about 50 thousand per month but still complaining about his employer. Go out with him for a cup of Tea, all you will hear is cribbing about how low is his Salary.

On further asking he told me that people who work with him are not as skilled as he is but they make more money then him. “How can people sitting next to you make more money then you?” “Isn’t the world so unfair?

Some of the wise people I know tell me that there is no guaranty that if you earn lot of money you will be happy. Our mind always looks for relativity.  Knowingly or Unknowingly our mind has set up a figure and we believe the only way I can feel happy is if I cross that figure.

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