DiamondBhai.com launching New SMS Service soon

DiamondBhai.com is working on a new service for Indian Diamond Industry. This service will use SMS on mobile network. Our Idea is dead simple – even a kid would understand it. However one thing which will make this service a powerful element of our market is ‘Community Effect’

If you want to help me by participating in early beta testing prior to launch – please send me text message with your name on ‘98696 63539

DiamondBhai.com SMS Service

DiamondBhai.com SMS Service

Is this ‘Diamondbhai SMS Service’ some latest cutting edge technology?
No it isn’t! It uses simple SMS messages as the main channel of communication. Technology is very basic but when a big number of people will participate, the whole idea becomes very interesting and useful.

What do you mean by community Effect?
‘Community Effect’ means people coming together and contributing for selfless reason.

When are you disclosing details of SMS service?
In next 10 days we will disclose all details and make it open for everyone. Till then it is limited to few people for testing purpose.

Will this service be a Paid service?
It is free! My Initial cost calculations tell me that I can easily bear the cost out of my pocket. However in future, if cost exceeds my comfort level, I might request and start accepting tips or donations from those willing to help.

I don’t want to help you with pre-launch testing but would like to know more about this new service?
Absolutely! Keep watching this website. Visit DiamondBhai facebook page – hit like button – this is easiest way to keep track of what goes on at DiamondBhai.com .

Do you think people will like and use this new service?
I will not know unless I give a try. I will let community inside our market accept or reject the idea.

What kind of help are you looking for pre-launch testing?
I would probably need 10-15 minutes of your time over next 2 weeks before I launch service. Mainly I want few people to try using service and give their feedback before I make service open for everyone in Diamond Market.

How else I can help?
We are launching this service with a marketing budget of zero rupees. The only way this service can succeed is by word of mouth. Pass this post/link to people you know inside diamond market.

Members who want to help me with initial testing here’s my cell number is ‘98696 63539‘, send me a text message with your Name now.

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