Interview with Harshit Shah

Harshit Shah Diamond Broker

Harshit Shah Diamond Broker

It takes courage and determination to walk out of a stable job and start a business of your own. Our diamond market is full of such stories where a regular guy leaves his job to start is company and in few years turns out to be best shape of his career. We are talking today to a person who his fresh out of such boat. Harshit left his job last month and is now working indpendently as Diamond Broker.

Harshitbhai, How did you start your career in Diamond Industry?
4 years back I started as trainee in K Girdharlal . I learned Assortment, got exposure to marketing and lately started working on stock keeping. Last month I decided to take a plunge in to world of entrepreneur and started my own company. Presently I work as Diamond Broker.

If you were not in Diamond Industry, which other industry you would have got in to?
Share market. If done things correctly you can get good return on investment. I consider Stock eiquty as one of the best investment vehicle.

How was your experience during 2008 slowdown?
I started working and soon economy went in to topsy turvy mode. I had lot of uncertainty about my job.

What do you see market condition in near future, say next 3 – 4 years?
I believe diamond markets will do really good. There will be work for lot of people here.

This is an imaginary question – if all companies of our market are listed in Stock Market and you are given money to create a portfolio – which company stock would you buy?
I would buy several – Gitanjali gems, Rosy Blue, K Girdharlal, Venus Jewel and many more.

Any tough decision or situation you have gone through in your career?
In recent time, I had to decide which way to take my Entrepreneurial route – Rough or polish. I went for rough.
Starting to work independently was another big question which I am trying to answer now, I have to see how things go.

If you get to change one [thing or trend] in market – what would you like to see getting changed ?
Well I can just hope for something but markets has its own ways of doing things. Many a times deals involve more than one broker. In such case if final service commision in just 0.5% it doesnt pay much to all participants. I wish if deals are done with bigger commision and all people involved get atleast 1%.

What is your favourite thing to in free time?
I like to spend time with friends.

Any advice for readers?
[Smile] I consider myself fairly new to industry, have spent 4 years with a company and just recently started my company. I do not have any advice at this point of time.

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