How keeping mouth shut will help you succeed!

Recently research was done with two groups of college students. Both the groups were given a tough puzzle to solve. Maximum time to solve puzzle was 20 minutes.



First group was told that they can talk to everyone in class room about how they plan to solve the puzzle.
Second group was told to keep their mouth shut.

After experiment was over it was found that first group which shared their intentions with everyone – tried to solve puzzle for 10 – 15 minutes and then gave up.

Second group which kept their mouth shut – kept working one puzzle beyond 20 minutes.

None of them solved the puzzle, but on interesting point was revealed.

If you share your intentions in advance to others your efforts towards the goal might go down.

Our brain has our self-image. Once I announce my plans about what new features are going to come up on, it will give me partial satisfaction of things. I have not started working on new feature yet but by just announcing, I will start feeling good about it.

So if you come across friend who tells you that he bought a running shoes and has decided to go jogging every morning, chances are he could have done much better by just not disclosing it.

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