Interview with Mr. Vimaldj Parmar

In past 10 years Information technology helped to change how things were done inside a company. But in coming years you will see Information technology changing the model of communication between businesses and consumers. Vimaldj Parmar is our guest today who is very bullish on technology inside Diamond market. Let’s hear more from him:

Vimaldj Parmar, Sales, R N Export

Vimaldj Parmar, Sales, R N Export

Vimalbhai, how did you start your career in Diamond Industry?
I started working on 19th July 2006. Started as Diamond Assorter, then did work for different departments – taking packets to different partner companies, Angadia account, Export department, back office work, keeping records on computer and eventually moved to selling. Worked as Sales Executive for last 2 years. I was working at Kapu Gems all these years, now I work for R.N Export

Tell us about your experience during 2008 slowdown in economy?
There were good and bad aspects of slowdown. Some of the  business were over limit in their operations. It was common to find companies which had capacity to do 2 million worth of business, but they were doing business up to 5 million. Such excessive risk taking disappeared from market due to slowdown.Huge number of people lost their livelihood and moved to other professions.

Can you share an good and not-s0-good things you have seen in our market in last few years?
Good part: there is lot of change happening due to technology and everyone is accepting changes.
Bad part: Brokers keep facing challenge when some people gets direct in trading and by pass the service already offered by broker.

So I a talking about two different aspects of technology.It makes communication easy, but the old ways of doing business keeps getting tougher.

Mumbai markets will eventually move to Bharat Diamond Bourse, what do you think about this change?
I have that facilities and arrangements are really good in BKC, however I am yet to see the place personally. All buildings are within secured area. Bharat Diamond Bourse by itself is very positive change. One of the concern many people have in their mind is – is it safe to commute from Bandra to BKC for people who carry expensive diamongs with them? Opera house is a crowded place which in a way makes it safe.

In next coming year or two what more changes do you see coming in our market?
Indian Diamond market’s adaption of internet usage is increasing day by day. There are chances that soem of the companies will do almost all business with internet help.

Why do you think Internet services are getting more important inside market?
I think slowly new generation of people are becoming active workforce. And new generation understands how internet can help. I have seen many small business who are seated in small cabin but they get together and buy a Rapnet account. It opens up lot of business for them.

If all the companies in Diamond industry gets listed in stock market, and you are given 5 lakh rupees to invest, which company stock will you buy?
I will buy none. Some of the Diamond Industry company have proved to be good for company owners but not for regular investors. Stock prices get manipulated for few.

What is your favorite passtime when you have free time?
I like reading books and watch cricket.

What advice would like to give readers?
I would ask all readers to feel free and give interviews to I don’t think I have seen any other website where I get to hear real life experience and life stories of people who work right here in market. It is very inspiring to know how different started their journey in Indian Diamond Industry. It is amazing to hear from people who have seen market changing in last 10 or more years. So once again I would humbly ask every reader to share their views and message on this community website.

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