3 Tips from Champion Customer Representative

Last week I called a Customer Service of one company. They took couple of minutes and solved my problem. The call was full of ‘Thanks’ and ‘apology’ and lot of other formal words. I started wondering how can a company who hires thousands of employees to talk to customers (many of them are angry customers), make sure that representative is always polite and uses formal terms from start till end.

3 Tips from Customer Representatives

3 Tips from Customer Representatives

I spoke to one of the my friend who has worked at more than one back-office-company-customer-care-company. Here are few interesting  ideas which he shared with me.

Number 1) Never use negative words like ‘We can’t help you’ or ‘This is your problem’ or ‘I won’t transfer your call to my Manager’
Number 2)First talk about offering a not-so-cool solution to a problem. Once customer thinks about this ‘not-so-cool’ option, offer a better option which company can afford to provide. for eg: ‘contact one of our local technician to fix the problem‘ after few minutes say ‘Do not worry – we will send a technician to your place to fix it
Number 3) Never say ‘Since you didn’t pay contract money now you have to pay 1000 rupees to fix problem’ instead say ‘Lets get this present problem fixed for 1000 rupees and then I will start new contract for you, give 3 months free’. So instead of using statements like ‘if you do x then we will give you y‘ say something like – ‘Lets first do X and then Y will be done
There is a checklist of initial greeting and the way call gets ended. They way call gets forwarded to next department. However in addition to all the standard checklist items, depending upon how customer sounds, a smart customer representative changes his tone.

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