5 Things to do on Facebook to grow your Diamond and Jewelry Business

1) Share sufficient information: On your personal profile share enough content to build new relationship and cherish one which are already in the friend list. Social Networking is all about building relations. If you do not share any interesting information (personal and general) how would some one register your presence.

How To Use Facebook to Grow your Business

How To Use Facebook to Grow your Business

2) Do not share too much personal stuff: people use facebook without paying attention to what goes public and what stays private inside profile. Sharing photos from a business trip, exhibition, office meeting or work-place-evening-Chai time  are excellent thing to show that your business is full of sincerity and fun. Sharing information about what books you read or what new thing you are trying to do, is cool too. But sharing some personal pictures with whole world is not great idea. Share your personal stuff only with friends and family. Keep business and personal stuff separate. Spend a good 30 minutes today inside your facebook profile to find out what part you are OK to share with strangers, rest of the stuff should be shared privately only with close ones.

3) Avoid being pushy: I see lot of Jewelry and Diamond business talking about nothing but their business. There are many profile who talk about one thing – that is – what product they are sellign today. Problem is everyone in their friend list is doing same. Everyone around you is just talking about some Diamonds or Jewelry they want to sell. After a while no one really cares about what other guy talks about.

4) Bring Balance: Keep balance of organic stuff and sales-pitch. Organic stuff is something cool or informative which everyone will like. Some cool picture or interesting information or some though provoking idea. Once in a while a silly joke. Mix all this with your product-pitching.

5) Think like a school kid (sometimes): Get your camera or just use cell phone camera and click something cool in diamond market today. Put your business name tag at the bottom of picture and share it on facebook.

6) “Do not beat the dead horse” I have no idea how that phrase originated, but it sounds cool to use. What it really means is “an action being done over and over when it simply won’t work” – use this phrase couple of times on facebook in next few months when your friend repeats same-thing again and again. If you heard this phrase for the first time today – Congratulations! You have learned a new phrase today – “Don’t beat a dead horse” . And with that I just did some organic sharing – I shared something where you have learned something new today or you revisited something cool you already knew.

7) Are you paying attention?: Title of this post says “5 things to do” and we are right now on point number ‘7’. Chances are you didn’t notice it. Internet is very helpful but very dangerous place. People’s attention is not of high quality because there are so many things to see.  Next time you write some status message or share something – make it cool enough for people to pay a good quality attention.

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