Breaking News: World Cup needs to buy Diamonds Urgently

This is breaking news! This is unbelievable. has been approached by none other than Cricket world Cup organisers ICC (InterRational Cricket Council) this morning. Since India won Semi finals in the world cup they have got new bunch of sponsors and they want to put diamonds worth crores on world cup. This is history in making friends.

Cricket World Cup

Cricket World Cup

ICC urgently needs to buy Diamonds worth several crores and they are looking for Diamonds in market. They asked us to post this information so that Diamond traders who read this blog can participate in this lucrative business opportunity.

ICC needs to buy these diamonds soon – please leave comment at the bottom of this post with following information – your First-Name and Age. (do not leave your last-name or contact number or any other information yet – just First-name and Age – this is for privacy reason – please understand)

What to do next?
* Leave comment with first-name and age
* Keep ready list of diamonds you can arrange in short period of time.
* Get a good clean-shave and hair cut – you might get chance to get picture clicked with Cup at Wankhede stadium anytime today or tomorrow.
* Visit page again at 5 pm (Friday evening).

We will be informed at 5 pm in the evening (Friday evening) about how and when these diamonds will be bought. will be more than happy to help you make these deals.

Please visit this page again at 5 pm (Friday evening) for further details. Since I don’t have any more details yet, no point in sending me email or call me – just do following – leave your first-name and age in comments and visit this page again at 5 pm (Friday evening)

Believe me this could be one of the best deals you have done this year. Visit page again at or after 5 pm Friday evening .

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