Diamondbhai.com is 6 months old

Chetan Parmar, Diamondbhai.com

Chetan Parmar, Diamondbhai.com


We made it through first 6 months of our journey. When I started diamondbhai.com someone told me that first 6 months are the toughest and later things don’t get easy, but you will get use to it. I have spoke to many people in last 6 months and have learned lot of things.

Few days back I was talking to a friend who professionally develops and runs websites for his clients. He strictly told me not to share numbers. “Do not share statistics of how many visitors come to diamondbhai.com everyday & which country audience etc etc

But I am anyways going to share all the internal numbers with all readers, here they are:

DiamondBhai.com 6 Months Graph

DiamondBhai.com 6 Months Graph

Numbers from wordpress

(diamondbhai.com website is hosted on wordpress)

Number of posts: 66
Number of Interviews: 18
Number of fans on Facebook page: 340
Number of email subscribers: 35

Diamondbhai.com Facebook Page

Diamondbhai.com Facebook Page

Cost of running this website

Cost of writing content: [~10 man hours of efforts per week – myself & freelancer & graphics designer]
Cost of hosting website: ~17 USD per year
Cost of Upgrade: 20 USD per year [believe it or not, I paid extra 20 dollars to keep this website advertisement free. If I dont buy this upgrade hosting company will put some advertisement by default]

Thank you List

Once again thanks to all members who gave Interviews:
Chirag Patwa, Hemant Thaker, Digesh Vora, Maulik Parekh, Dilip Gajera, Premal Patel, Rahul Pandey, Rajesh Mehta, Kaushalbhai K. Patel, Nilesh Pathak, Pranav Shah, Amitbhai Nayak, Kirtibhai Doshi, Hasmukbhai Shah, Rajeshbhai Gopalji, Sanjaybhai Dave, Kalpeshbhai Goradia

You people believed in this project when it was new and unknown. I will never forget the support.

Thank you too all readers and contributors. Feedback I receive from all of you keeps this project up and running. You have no idea how much encouragement I get when someone drops an email or comment.

What’s next
1) Meet more members, get interview
2) Want to get in touch with members in non-Mumbai market, like Surat, Bhavnagar, Ahmedabad, Visavadhar and other cities/towns/villages
3) Take suggestion from readers and make an action list for this website.

One well wisher offered me database of more than 10 thousand email address of people who work in Diamond Industry and I said “Thanks but No Thanks!” If people like diamondbhai.com, they will refer it to others. I personally don’t like to receive spam on my email, hence I  don’t want to spam someone Else’s email.

You can help
1) please subscribe your email (bottom right corner of this page)
2) Please hit ‘Like’ button on our facebook page    http://www.facebook.com/diamondbhai
3) Refer me to get more Interviews
4) Write guest post – if you have some topic to share – write it down – or let me record it on phone and I will create post on diamondbhai.com.

Food for thought
From above details you must have realised that – today the technology cost of running such websites are not so huge – real cost is in getting started and putting regular efforts. Diamondbhai.com is a community project, but you can do something similar for your business. If anyone reading this post wants to start some project, feel free to talk to me. Once again I will not provide guidance for free, you will need to buy me cup of tea and fafda jalebi near panchratna building.

Number of email subscribers: 35

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