Interview with Kalpeshbhai Goradia

When you find someone inspiring you knowingly or unknowingly learn something good from that person. Things you learn becomes your greatest assets because everything you do to update your knowledge allows you to grow from where you are today to where you want to go.

Now let’s add some more value in to above thought. How about learning from each & every person you deal with?

If you start approaching every relationships with this mindset, you will always find lot of inspiration around. We found someone who thinks this way, let’s hear more from Kalpeshbhai Garodia..

Kalpeshbhai Goradia, KAMA SCHACHTER

Kalpeshbhai Goradia, KAMA SCHACHTER

Kalpeshbhai, please tell us about how you started your Career in diamond market?
I started getting experience in Diamond market during my HSC vacation, in 1993. I didn’t  had any family or friend working in market other than a childhood friend Mr. Vaibhav Shah.  He had an office inside Pancharatna.  Vaibhavbhai referred me to his cousin brother Mr. Vasant Sanghvi (Sanghvi Exports). From then on I started learning and making my career inside Diamond industry. I continued to work here for next 5 years.

Later I started my business in a small way.  Did some buying active and got in touch with local market environment. I grew my business for 7 years in local market.

I went to US for 2 years. I took training inside GIA (The Gemological Institute of America) and also worked inside GIA lab for some time.

Came back to India and started working for Suashish & Co. I use to take care of Solitaire Diamond buying. I worked here for next 2 years.

Presently I work with a company named  Kama Schachter and take care of Diamond Assorting and Diamond buying activities.

If not Diamond market which other industry/profession you would have chosen?
When I started looking for work, I didn’t have directions for any profession in particular. I feel – I was lucky to get started with Diamond market. After spending some time, I became glad and thankful of opportunities I was getting in Diamond market. It’s difficult to think of any other industry or field in which I would have got present professional satisfaction and personal growth. Diamond industry has shaped my career in a good way.

Tell us about your experience during 2008 slowdown inside diamond market?
I would say I was lucky to not get affected personally the way things were in crisis all around. I came back from USA in 2007 and never in dream had thought of anything like 2008 slowdown.  Towards end of 2008 economy collapsed globally, by then I had already spent good 1 year at Suashish & Co. My company took care of me and my job.  I was actively working towards developing Solitaire Diamond department inside Suashsish. All businesses inside Indian Diamond industry were affected in some or the other way.

Please share any tough career decision you have made?
In my career so far, I have made two tough decisions. First  one was transition from working at Sanghvi Exports and start my business – “Should I stay at this job or follow my dream to start my own business?” was the tough question I had to answer myself.

Secondly, decision to move to USA. It was tough call, but it paid very well. the level of exposure and technical knowledge I gained in US has added lot of value to work I do.

Looking back I would say both the tough decision I made has helped me to shape my career and growth in a good way.

Kalpeshbhai, do you consider someone as your mentor in Indian Diamond market?
Honestly, I always try to learn from each and every person I interact and work with. I don’t mind saying that I have learned something good from almost everyone I have worked with.

I had mentors at each and every stage of my career, however if I have to name one, it would be Jayeshbhai from Sanghvi Exports.

What is your favourite thing to do when you have free time?
Lot of things – I love to watch Hollywood movies,spending time with my friends, go for some outdoor holiday.

Any message for readers?
Diamondbhai is doing very good job with starting something new in diamond market. Very innovative and very creative in diamond market. It will bring something new in diamond market.  Keep it up and best of luck.

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