Meeting with Richard Loncraine, British film director.

Last week I got call from a person who introduced himself to be part of production team which have created many good Indian movies including recent movie Udaan. They told me that they were looking for information on Indian diamond market. While researching on internet, they found and decided to talk to me. After 2 -3 phone conversation, I got to meet them in person. Turns out team also includes a British Film Director – Richard Locraine.

Richard Loncraine, British film and television director.

Richard Loncraine, British film and television director.

I met these creative people and found lot of interesting things about the way they brainstorm ideas and collect information. More than anything else I was excited to meet people who make films. I love films – who doesn’t?

Some interesting observations I made about Richard Locraine:

Curious for details – Richard took lot of information about Diamond market. He asked questions to understand how things work, how a deal is done and how diamond goes through rough to polish stage. I am sure in his mind he was visualizing what part of information he needs to pick from everythign I said.

Good Listener – we were group of people and he was carefully listening to all the ideas and points that were thrown in to discussion without deviating away from topic at hand.

Passionate leader: while talking to him I could sense how passionate he was about his work. He was so nice and easy to talk to that I didn’t realise that I was talking to such an experienced Film director.

Richard, you have no idea how glad I was to meet. Thank you for opportunity!

It’s been less than 6 months got started and we have seen more than one incident, when some person who are not part of Diamond market approached for local information. So far, I had an inquiry from one local Mumbai magazine, one fashion TV from France and this recent meeting with Richard’s team. This only shows potential of Internet and community projects like DiamondBhai.

In last few months, we also got inquiries about business interest from non-diamond-market professionals, in and out of India. If you (Diamond market professionals) would love to talk to any such person, please let me know, I would forward such future inquiry to you.

Bottom-line for me is – I need to keep this community – vibrant, cool and honest.

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