This is why we like Gaddafi

Gaddafi going Insane - what are you doing about it?

Gaddafi going Insane - what are you doing about it?

Not really! No one should like this man, he should have stepped down last week instead he is killing his fellow citizens in Libya. We are sorry about people in Libya.

Anyways, here’s one interesting take on the situation.

Libya exports close to 1/10 of Oil that comes out of gulf land and near by area. Gaddafi is causing trouble and oil prices have gone up. Things are bad for Oil companies in India and all around the world.

Should you runway from Oil companies that have been impacted presently due to rise in oil price ? May be! May be not!

Once again let me remind you one thing. will always sound stupid.

We will talk about loss management, ponzy schemes, blunders, bankruptcy, saving money – when whole market is talking about India shining.

In contrast when almost all of your friends talk about how things are bad in market – will talk about taking risk, buying value and right actions.

I am making a promise (imagine me taking oath, keeping my hand on my laptop and www), this blog will always sound stupid and not in sync with rest of the world around you. We will sound negative when whole world is talking about good times. We will talk about risk taking and value investing when everyone else is talking about running away from market.

Anyways, Gadaffi is acting insane, markets went down globally, Oil companies in India are loosing money. Hindustan Petroleum, Bharat Petroleum, Indian Oil are loosing crores of rupees everyday. Mr. Pranav Mukherjee doesn’t want petrol price to go up. Hence petrol companies who buy petrol at high price have to continue to sell it at loss. The only other option they have is shutdown operation. Read somewhere that these 3 companies HP BP and IOC – all together are loosing about 400 crores every single day.

What do you think people around you are doing to these petrol companies in stock market?
These companies have got whacked!

Are these companies good? Ofcourse! They sell you Oil at petrol pump.
Will they go up sometime in future? May be! May be not! I dont know! says – “these oil companies are good companies at low price
Your friends are saying – “do not touch oil companies, stay atleast 10 feet away from them

I am making two promises today
1) I will continue to sound negative when everyone else is positive and I will talk positive when rest of the world talks negative.
2) I will never forget promise number 1. (Alright! Alright! I copied that from warren buffets saying – but still it sounds good)

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