90% of Market creates Opportunity for remaining 10%

Three tings to in Stock Market - Buy, Sell, Stay Out

Three tings to in Stock Market - Buy, Sell, Stay Out

When I started stock trading few years back, I always thought to be successful in stock trading – I should keep trading.

When I was right – I made money, I was happy, I traded more.
When I was wrong, I always thought may be very next day I will get lucky and price will go up, hence I kept trading.

Whatever the case, I always thought that I have to keep trading to win.I was wrong!

I see many people in market who think same way. There are 3 things you can do in market –
Stay Outside

The only thing where you will never loose money is ‘Stay Outside‘. My uncle who is experienced stock trader shared his insights. There is time when you ‘Buy‘ , there is time when you ‘Sell‘ and there is a period when you ‘stay out‘.

While you stay out – others are creating newer opportunities for you.

If I have to talk about a very short time frame – Indian markets have gone sideways. Unless you know very clearly what you are doing, it doesnt hurt to stay out.

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